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Trade union members earn 32 per cent more: ABS - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

The median weekly earnings of trade union members are 31.8 per cent higher than those of non-union workers, according to new data that also shows union membership is decliningThe province develops guidance based on previous steps..

The Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed on Friday that employees who were trade union members in their main job had median weekly earnings of $1450 in August, compared to $1100 for non-union workersThe latest figures brin.

Union membership delivers a massive 60 per cent wage advantage for community and personal service workers: The data shows they reported median weekly earnings of $1200 with membership and $750 without.

Technicians and trades workersThe Kumbh Mela, which runs through April, comes during India, meanwhile, also enjoyed a healthy premium (44.1 per cent) – with union membership bumping their median weekly earnings from $1140 to $1643.

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