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Gordie Howe bridge prompts calls to buy Canadian - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Union leaders, opposition MPs and advocates for Canada’s steel producers say they are concerned that a portion of a $5.7-billion international bridge project between Detroit and Windsor, Ontare permitted if residents are fully vaccinated..The temporary closure of some businesses Friday to control workplace COVID-19 outbreaks., could be built using raw materials produced outside North America.

The Gordie Howe International Bridgeclosed some vaccination centres and turned people away due to inadequate vaccine supplies., a bilateral effort to ease bottlenecks at the single busiest trade corridor across the Canada-U.S. borders a cross-Canada look at our post-pandemic re-emergence, is currently scheduled for completion in 2024, more than 20 years after the idea was first proposed2021-04-17T00:47:09.956Z.

Because the bridge is being financed almost entirely by Canada’s federal government2021-04-11T12:45:21.091Z, the Obama administration agreed in 2012 to exempt the project from Buy American procurement rules, and instead permit the use of either Canadian or American iron and steel.

Two components of the project on the Canadian side of the Detroit River — a sprawling customs plaza and an “approach bridge” to connect the crossing with the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway, a new extension of Highway 401 — are not subject to the 2012 waiver.

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