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In the modern style home, some Chinese classical style decorations are used to decorate, so that the originally simple space has connotation elements, coupled with its elegant shape design, constitutes the most fashionable home design. Next, Xiaobian will introduce to you the Chinese classical style decoration renderings of two rooms and one living room of Rongqiao Huafu. You might as well enjoy them together

style analysis: the interior design of Chinese classical style absorbs the characteristics of "form" and "spirit" of traditional decoration in the aspects of interior layout, line shape, tone and the shape of furniture and furnishings. For example, it absorbs the composition and decoration of caisson, ceiling, hanging and sparrow in the interior of Chinese traditional wooden frame buildings, and the modeling and style characteristics of Ming and Qing furniture. The decorative technique of traditional interior design is the embodiment of Chinese implicit temperament. The Chinese ancients' research and pursuit of living environment are far more elaborate than we imagined. Some of their interior design concepts coincide with today's most popular minimalism

decoration owner's files:

Community: Rongqiao Huafu (more decoration renderings of Rongqiao Huafu) house type: two bedrooms and one living room decoration style: Chinese classical decoration method: half package contract amount: 50000 decoration company: Longfa decoration

the location near the French window in the living room is the best artistic creation place for the owner. The white translucent bed curtain, combined with the outdoor beauty, has also become a bright scenery in the home. A serious Ming Dynasty chair is replaced by a more comfortable small rocking chair under the window. Sitting on it to open the source of inspiration, the brush in the blue and white porcelain jar next to it can play a sufficient role at this time. Such a design is a good connection between the living room and the bedroom. The whole style is also so ingenious

the design of the whole home space is mainly white, and the Chinese elements everywhere in the home play an important role in lighting up the environment. This storage cabinet adopts the shape similar to the bronze utensils of the Shang Dynasty. The dark gold and black nostalgic style cabinet will be a good storage cabinet and also have a decorative effect. The dark red food box and black vase on it make this aisle full of artistic temperament. Such a combination will be very suitable for embellishment in modern Chinese style

in the spacious and bright space, the handling of details shows the designer's carefulness and thoughtfulness. The decorative utensils that can be seen everywhere in the room give the neutral tone of the room a breath of life. The wall in front of the living room abandons the traditional way of placing TV cabinets or TV background walls, but matches with modern Chinese style decorations and wall paintings. The heavy tone is consistent with the atmosphere of the whole living room. Such a simple design can be placed anywhere in the home

[Xiaobian comments] after reading this case of Chinese classical decoration of two rooms and one living room in Rongqiao Huafu, do you think that even irregular house types can be transformed into such a beautiful and practical home through later transformation? If you want to decorate your home like this or make it more beautiful, sign up for the decoration bidding quickly, get 3 decoration effect plans for free, and let professional designers help you design plans for free. Free on-site room measurement




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