How to decorate a small room

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Some big cities have a large population, so the housing pressure is large, so the house type is relatively small, and each room of a small house type is naturally small, so how to decorate a small room? Next, let's introduce how to decorate the small room. Let's take a look at the wonderful ways to decorate the small room

how to decorate a small room

1. Light decoration

if the room is small and full of cabinets, it will reduce a lot of living space, minimize fixed and bulky decoration, and take out the space and decoration money to buy some better furniture, which will not make residents feel depressed but also improve the grade of the room

2. Focus on modern simplicity

the decoration style of a small room is best to focus on modern simplicity. If the room is decorated into a complex style such as European or American style in order to highlight the overall effect, many cumbersome decorations will be added in the decoration process, such as the carved design of ceilings and curtain boxes. These small details will reduce the space of the room. In addition, these styles of furniture need to be matched with large furniture, which will make the originally cramped space appear smaller, while the modern decoration style is relatively simple and practical, and the budget is relatively low, which is very suitable for small rooms

3. Color matching should be reasonable

many people like to use colorful colors in color in order to reflect their personality when decorating, which leads to the small room becoming more narrow, so they should choose some light colors in color, so that the visual space can become broader, and furniture or tables and chairs with permeable materials can be selected to make the space brighter

4. Choose less refined furniture

exquisite furniture should be selected for the furniture of small rooms. Although the furniture is large and can have a lot of storage space, the remaining range of activities is small, and the heavier the furniture is, the larger the volume is, the less the possibility of flexible placement is

5. Use the ceiling to create a high space

if the ceiling has no messy lines, it is recommended not to make a wooden ceiling, which can not only reduce many artificial wooden costs, but also create a space height. If the ceiling must be made, it can be done locally, which can not only sort out the lines, but also create the interest of high and low visual design

6. Selection of lamps and lanterns

for small rooms, the selection of lamps and lanterns should be concise. Ceiling lamps or wall mounted lamps can be selected. It is not easy to choose lamps and lanterns such as large chandeliers. Although large chandeliers are beautiful, they will make the room look depressed

Xiaobian summary: the above is about how to decorate a small room and how to decorate a small room. You also know how to decorate a small room. As long as you remember to give priority to simplicity, a small room can also have a large space. I hope it will be helpful to you





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