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For consumers, what kind of coating is environmentally friendly and cost-effective? Is water-based paint the best choice? Xiaobian is now witnessing with you whether water-based paint is really environmentally friendly

in autumn, due to dry weather, low moisture content in the air, sufficient sunshine, good ventilation and other factors, most consumers will choose to decorate and repair their houses in September and October. Therefore, the home decoration industry has ushered in the annual golden period of "golden nine and silver ten". Among them, coating, as an important part of the home decoration link, the choice of coating is particularly important. So, for consumers, what kind of coating is environmentally friendly and cost-effective? Is water-based paint the best choice? Xiaobian is now witnessing with you whether water-based paint is really environmentally friendly

national policy support

with the implementation of the supply side reform of the 13th five year plan, the central environmental protection supervision and safety supervision departments have deepened at all levels, the state has made heavy efforts to rectify, and various environmental protection policies have been issued one after another. For example, the Ministry of environmental protection of the people's Republic of China issued the catalogue of classified management of pollutant discharge permits for fixed pollution sources (2017 version) as early as July 28, 2017, which clearly shows that, For furniture manufacturing using water-based paint that basically does not cause pollution, the sewage discharge permit will not be issued temporarily

it is recognized by the coating industry that water-based paint is healthier than oil-based paint, and has been recognized by the coating industry. Water based paint, with water as diluent, is non-toxic and tasteless, does not contain formaldehyde, has low VOC emission, and is easy to apply and the coating dries quickly. However, the traditional solvent based paint needs to be diluted with banana water and Tianna water. During the brushing process, a large number of organic compounds harmful to human body will volatilize, and will remain for a long time, which will seriously affect the health of users and construction personnel. The environmental protection of paint is very unstable

scientific and technological innovation, hard indicators pass the test

people who have doubts about the performance of water-based paint, on the one hand, it is because the fish and dragons are mixed in the water-based paint industry, and the water-based paint market does not rule out the emergence of some unqualified water-based paint products. For consumers who buy low-quality water-based paint, they will inevitably have a bad impression of water-based paint. On the other hand, some water-based paint users are backward in the development of water-based paint, thinking that "the hardness of water-based paint film is not enough, and it is not heat-resistant...", In fact, these views are too old. With the improvement of scientific and technological innovation level of water-based paint, many problems have been solved

after upgrading the level of scientific and technological innovation, water paint products, in addition to outstanding environmental protection performance, also have the characteristics of fast drying, water and high temperature resistance, non yellowing paint film, high hardness, silky feel, non foaming, non graininess, good toughness, high transparency, non flammable and explosive, soft and unified surface gloss, etc. Water based paint has experienced countless technological innovations, and the product is not so fragile

although the most prominent environmental performance of water-based paint is its most important value, Liu Jie, Minister of Industrial Development Department of China Paint Industry Association, gave consumers an important reminder: "not all water-based paints are environmental friendly." Some shoddy merchants took advantage of the situation to substitute substandard products for good ones, disrupting the normal order of the water-based paint market at a low price. "It's easy to use water-based paint, and it's hard to say whether it can meet the standards of environmental protection.". Therefore, when buying water-based paint, consumers must carefully identify, change their inherent concepts, do not covet cheap, and choose regular brand goods with environmental protection and quality certification marks. There is no harm without purchase. Curb the development of inferior products of water paint from the source of demand, and jointly purify the water paint market, starting from you and me




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