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The noble elegance in the dream, the romance left over through time and space, and the once fantasy aesthetic picture reappears. To enjoy it, to explore, just for the beauty of the dream, Kexiang wallpaper irresistible charm one by one hit

after six years of development since the establishment of the factory in 2006, Kexiang wallpaper has firmly seized the opportunity of industry development, firmly grasped the law of industry development, and always adhered to the "five heart" level enterprise business philosophy - dedicated research and development, attentive manufacturing, brand-new promotion, considerate service, assured consumption, which has been recognized and trusted by the industry

there are many kinds of wallpaper in Kexiang. The classic Damascus pattern and French pastoral style are brought under the small plait, which let you enter the elegance and romance in your dream

1. The classic Damascus pattern

uses an imported thickened non-woven bottom, which is moisture-proof, breathable and has a longer service life. Patterns can be purple on yellow, red on yellow, yellow on white, yellow on blue and yellow on yellow. The whole is covered with Damascus patterns, simple wallpapers, warm walls, sometimes speechless, and the story of mood starts from bit by bit

Damascus pattern is not only the portrayal of modern life, but also the highlight of classical temperament, which makes the home more charming. Damascus is a low-key luxury, a symbol of taste and the embodiment of space quality. The classic combination of Damascus pattern and plain background, noble and elegant, is the best choice for the background of the living room

2. French pastoral style

the colors can be grayish green, brown yellow, beige, elegant yellow and smoke gray. It has good air permeability and can exchange humidity in time, just like wallpaper that can "breathe"

the low-key color, classic patterns, and the effect of non-woven fabrics show us a low-key luxury, an elegance and romance, which you and I can touch

French pastoral style exudes a leisurely and quiet atmosphere: aestheticism, romance and elegance. The fragrance of flowers everywhere shows a pure and fresh breath. The flexible leaves are as elegant as the breeze; Elegant patterns and soft lines can let the house breathe an absolutely natural and relaxing atmosphere




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