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In 2020, the recovery and comprehensive utilization rate of agricultural film in China will reach 80%

it was learned from the Ministry of agriculture that the Ministry of agriculture and the national development and Reform Commission jointly held a national field meeting on promoting the comprehensive utilization of agricultural film in Lanzhou, Gansu Province on October. The meeting emphasized that the "bu6800 super large two plate servo energy-saving injection molding machine" independently developed and manufactured by Bochuang Machinery Co., Ltd. strives to achieve a recovery and comprehensive utilization rate of agricultural film of more than 80% by 2020. At 150 ℃, the meeting pointed out that plastic film is the fourth largest means of agricultural production after seeds, pesticides and fertilizers. Plastic film mulching technology "fills rice bags and enriches vegetable baskets" and has made important contributions to China's food security. However, due to long-term heavy use and light recovery, the current recovery rate of agricultural film in China is less than 2/3 in the current season, and the residual pollution of plastic film in some areas is serious. The comprehensive utilization of plastic film and pollution control is a systematic project. Since its independence in 1923, many influencing factors have been involved in a wide range of aspects, and the treatment is difficult

the meeting required that agricultural departments at all levels should focus on the control of agricultural film pollution. First, strengthen organizational leadership, supervision and management, pay attention to coordination and cooperation, and form a strong working force. Learn from the experience of film legislation in Gansu and Xinjiang, strengthen the supervision and management of the whole process of film according to laws and regulations, and continuously promote the comprehensive utilization of film, and achieve remarkable results. Second, strengthen scientific and technological support and do a good job in pilot demonstration. Accelerate the research and development of relevant technologies for plastic film treatment. We will continue to do a good job in the pilot demonstration project of cleaner production of agricultural mulching film and establish a long-term mechanism. All provinces should actively create conditions and strive for local financial support. Third, strengthen publicity and guidance. 3. Enhance public awareness when not doing experiments for a long time. Through multi-channel and multi-form publicity and guidance, mobilize all forces, and gradually form a good situation of public participation in the prevention and control of agricultural film pollution

Ma Rong, deputy director of the Department of resource conservation and environmental protection of the national development and Reform Commission, said that in the next step, we will continue to develop and improve agricultural circular economy planning standards, promote the construction of agricultural circular economy pilot demonstration projects, introduce supportive policies for the utilization of agricultural wastes such as agricultural mulch, strengthen the research and development of key common technologies for the efficient utilization of agricultural resources, and cultivate specialized service institutions for agricultural circular economy Improve the evaluation and acceptance system of cleaner production projects, accelerate the innovation of development mechanism and other measures to develop agricultural circular economy and promote agricultural cleaner production, promote the transformation of agricultural development mode, and promote the construction of agricultural ecological civilization

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