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BYD forklift, a new energy tool, has made a strong entry into the paper industry. Talking about the equipment of paper mills, many people may only think of paper machines, boilers, water treatment, etc., while the transportation equipment in warehousing and logistics is often ignored. However, in fact, logistics transportation accounts for 30% of the total operation cost of the paper mill, and logistics equipment plays a vital role in the transportation of raw materials and finished products

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as we all know, paper mills generally involve the handling of raw materials and the handling and stacking of finished products, and the operating environment is very complex. At present, the transportation equipment used in most paper mills is mainly fuel forklift. Due to its super bearing capacity, adaptability to the paper mill environment and the extra long working hours determined by fuel, fuel forklift has become the mainstream transportation equipment in paper mills. However, today, with the increasingly obvious trend of environmental protection, the fuel forklift has gradually exposed some disadvantages, such as heavy exhaust pollution, high noise, high engine maintenance cost, etc., which have an impact on the paper mill in terms of cost and environmental protection. Therefore, looking for green, low-carbon and cost-effective transportation equipment has become an urgent problem for the paper mill. BYD forklift has accumulated rich experience for many years. It has calmly coped with the special working conditions in the paper industry of Sinopec Anqing Branch, the only petroleum refining and chemical enterprise in our province. The designed electric forklift has no heavy metal pollution and zero emission during use, and conforms to ROHS environmental protection regulations. There is no tail gas pollution from internal combustion forklift and no acid mist emission from traditional lead-acid battery forklift, so as to avoid harm to human body and the environment, Suitable for the storage environment of paper mill, it is the first choice for the paper industry

in terms of logistics and transportation, whether it is pulp, waste paper and other production raw materials, or finished paper, the transported goods are large in size and heavy in weight, which requires the forklift to have a super strong bearing capacity. However, BYD forklift is equipped with its self-developed super lithium battery, which is very powerful and can flexibly cope with complex working conditions. BYD's wise positioning has great potential for future development. In addition to the creative environmental protection design, the pressure testing machine is mainly used for food and beverage packaging, which will be the largest major utilization field of biodegradable plastics to test the compressive strength of various solid materials. The BYD electric forklift, which is more energy-saving, environmental friendly and reliable, will have great potential

brilliant performance ignites industrial reform

in recent years, in the face of the increasingly homogeneous competition in the domestic forklift industry, BYD has made a strong attack, using 100% self-developed lithium battery technology to create an electric forklift, bringing a fresh breeze of green new energy to the industry. Under normal charging and discharging conditions, BYD forklift lithium battery can be recharged and discharged for 4000 times, with a capacity retention rate of more than 75% and a service life of 10 years. At the same time, lead-acid powered vehicles need four batteries. Moreover, BYD electric forklift can shorten the charging time by 90% through the subversive battery and fast charging technology, which is especially suitable for the high-frequency and efficient working environment of paper mills

at present, BYD forklifts are widely used in the paper industry, with good customer feedback. The 3.0T, 3.5t and 5T electric counterweight forklifts with great competitive advantages can meet the handling requirements of the paper mill for different loads. At the same time, the vehicle has been transformed according to the complex working environment of the paper mill, such as strengthening the dust-proof function, making the passing performance of the vehicle better and avoiding the paper scraps from being involved in the bottom of the vehicle. In addition, BYD also provides long-term quality assurance services, and arranges personnel to regularly maintain the vehicle, so as to deal with relevant problems arising from the operation process in a timely manner. This humanized service adapted to the working conditions of the paper industry has greatly improved the handling efficiency of the paper mill in 310 years

on May 18, 2019, BYD forklift held a new product launch in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. At the meeting, BYD launched four new storage and handling products, namely, blue ant, blue ant mini, station driven pallet car p20ps and walking pallet car p20jw, which made innovations on the basis of the advantages of new energy products and brought the "lithium" battery technology to a new level. In the day's rush purchase, the sales volume exceeded 220million in only one hour, which once again proved the super strength of BYD forklift in the field of new energy. It is believed that BYD forklift will provide more valuable products and develop more professional solutions for the paper industry in the future. BYD forklift, which is changing the traditional forklift industry, will lead the high-quality development of the industry with its strength

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