BYD demonstrated how a car company could forge 5mi

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5million pieces per day! BYD demonstrates how a car company can forge the world's largest mass production mask factory

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BYD Baolong Industrial Park, located in Longgang District, Shenzhen, is a modern factory with complete and advanced intelligent manufacturing lines, which can produce 500000 high-end units a day. But more than a month ago, a "special" workshop that had nothing to do with electronic equipment was built here. Hundreds of workers worked two shifts a day and the machines worked around the clock to produce a "special" product - masks

since the outbreak of COVID-19, masks have become one of the most scarce protective materials. In addition, disinfectants and protective clothing have also been in short supply in many parts of the country. BYD officially announced the birth aid mask and disinfection gel on February 8 to meet the needs of anti epidemic

now, its mask production line and disinfection gel production line are running at full capacity, with a daily output of 5million and 300000 bottles respectively. This means that as one of the world's largest new energy automobile companies, BYD has gained a new identity - the world's largest mass production mask factory

at that time, the shortage of epidemic prevention materials in the first line of anti epidemic, such as hospitals, public security and government agencies, will be further effectively alleviated

7 days to build export hoods. The entrepreneurial scene of more than 20 years ago reappeared

2020 Spring Festival. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the resumption of work was delayed, and many people had a very long "leisurely" holiday. However, for Wang Chuanfu, chairman and President of BYD, this period is busier than ever before

at the end of January, while donating 10million cash to Hubei Province and 1million worth of protective materials to the front-line personnel in the fight against epidemic diseases, BYD decided to assist in the production of masks and disinfection gel for the fight against epidemic diseases, quickly set up a research and development team, and set up a special team headed by WangChuanFu. For a period of time after that, it became Wang Chuanfu's daily work to stay in the laboratory, adjust equipment and stare at the production line

at a time when the national epidemic prevention task is extremely arduous and the people are in urgent need of masks, Wang Chuanfu said, "as a representative of China's manufacturing industry, we should stand up and use all our strength to help produce masks."

as a result, Wang Chuanfu led the team to watch the production line in person, and the factory director and director went off to pack. The scene that had happened at the beginning of BYD's establishment reappeared after more than 20 years

this epidemic prevention material production assistance task has assembled the elite troops of almost all business groups of BYD, from new energy vehicles to batteries, electronics to rail transit. The top leaders of the group's 12 business divisions, more than 3000 engineers involved in R & D, design, processing and other work lines, as well as other employees staying in Shenzhen during the Spring Festival, have overcome many difficulties and created one after another amazing "BYD speed" in the past month

for example, it took them three days to draw more than 400 equipment drawings, and seven days to complete the R & D and manufacturing of mask machine production equipment. In the market, it takes 15 days to build a mask machine quickly and 30 days to build a mask machine slowly

under the leadership of the president, Dr. Gong Qing, BYD Central Research Institute, which is responsible for the R & D and production of disinfection gel, completed the R & D of BYD medical disposable hand disinfection gel in 6 days. After 8 days, the product was mass-produced and shipped to the first-line anti epidemic personnel on February 16. In less than two weeks, BYD completed the work that normally took two months to complete

tens of thousands of processing centers, precision equipment and professionals, and the "fierce operation" behind 5million masks per day.

in fact, the reason why BYD was able to complete the production line layout of cross-border products and quickly achieve mass production in a very short time was not only the unremitting efforts of the company day and night, but also its strong R & D strength, manufacturing strength and innovation

like all other products, the production of masks is inseparable from in-situ stripping to prepare polymer/graphene composites. The production line of masks requires clean rooms and equipment. For the former, BYD has a ready-made assembly workshop, which can be directly used as a purification room for mask production only by improving the purification level. However, the equipment was once a bottleneck because it was not available in the market during the Spring Festival and the ordering and delivery cycle was too long

in order to solve this problem, BYD has completed a series of "hard core" operations that have surprised the outside world - its own mouth mask machine, and can build more than a dozen in a day

"a mask machine production line needs about 1300 parts for various gears, chains, rollers and rollers, 90% of which are self-made by BYD." Li Wei, director of BYD President Office introduced. The support behind it is that since its inception, BYD has established a professional equipment R & D and manufacturing team, which has been engaged in the independent R & D and manufacturing of complex production lines and equipment such as electronics, batteries and new energy vehicles. The whole group has tens of thousands of processing centers, as well as a variety of grinding machines, molds and other high-precision equipment. The strong hardware conditions and the reserve of professional technicians have enabled BYD to develop the ability and rich experience to carry out mass precision manufacturing in the past years

"taking BYD's electronic business as an example, our high-end products have very high requirements on quality, water resistance and other aspects, as well as the corresponding molds, automation equipment and manufacturing process. That is to say, if the springs I installed on the car have not been strictly tested, they actually use the equipment for processing high-end precision products to process the mask machine, and the precision and quality are far higher than the requirements for masks." Said zhaojianping, general manager of BYD quality department

according to the identification of the food and drug administration department, the quality of BYD's self-made masks is much higher than that of similar masks in the industry

what really makes BYD feel pressure is not the preparation before the product is put into production, but how to quickly expand production capacity to meet social needs. After the news that the masks were released to the outside world, the demand for ordering came from all directions. Driven by a strong sense of responsibility and mission, BYD's mask production is increasing at a rate of 300000 to 500000 pieces per day. About new mask machines can achieve mass production every day. At present, it has reached the capacity of 5million masks per day, which is equivalent to 1/4 of the previous national capacity. BYD has become the largest mass production mask factory in the world

donate money and materials, do a good job in logistics, and fight against the epidemic situation

at present, BYD has issued its most powerful war epidemic declaration by using cross-border production aid masks and disinfecting gel. In fact, before that, it had been donating electronic wood-based panel testing machines through donations to the front line of anti epidemic, which were developed and produced for testing various physical and chemical properties of wood-based panels and veneered wood-based panels. Its joint partners provided guarantee for anti epidemic and overcame difficulties with the people of the whole country

on January 24, the day after the suspension of urban bus, subway, ferry and long-distance passenger transport in Wuhan, BYD's Lvdong taxi, together with BYD and didi travel, a joint venture company, convened hundreds of taxi and taxi drivers to form a medical support team and a community support team, and went retrograde to the front line of the anti epidemic battlefield, bearing 40% of the city's transport capacity and ensuring the basic travel of Wuhan citizens and medical staff. On January 26, after the implementation of motor vehicle management in the central urban area of Wuhan, the medical care support team and community support team became an important force for citizens' basic travel

on January 28, BYD Charitable Foundation donated 10million yuan to Hubei Province in an emergency, mainly for purchasing epidemic prevention materials for Hubei Province, supporting the epidemic prevention and control work in Hubei Province, helping the medical staff in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, as well as for the prevention and control guarantee of schools in the epidemic area, and financial assistance to poor students' families affected by the epidemic

at the same time, BYD made every effort to coordinate resources at home and abroad, gave full play to the advantages of resident resources of overseas branches, and urgently purchased 1million N95 masks, protective clothing and other medical protective materials from Brazil, Chile, the United States and other countries for transportation back to China. At present, these precious epidemic prevention materials have been donated to hospitals, airports, public transport and other demand areas in batches

since February 7, BYD has delivered "safety" to taxi drivers in nearly 100 cities across the country; Later, he donated masks and disinfectants to Shenzhen public security and traffic police who were fighting on the front line of anti epidemic, Wuwei City in Anhui Province, Shenzhen Shipping Agency Association, freight forwarder Association, Zhuhai airport, Hubei Yingcheng people's Hospital and other units

as of March 10, BYD has donated more than 5million masks to 96 units and public welfare organizations involved in and supporting anti epidemic work in Hubei and other affected areas

at present, more than 1million pieces of epidemic prevention materials are still preparing to go to the affected areas to provide help and support for the front-line staff and volunteers fighting against the epidemic

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