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The three major dealers conducted SINAMICS V10 product training in Beijing

with the launch of SINAMICS V10, a representative work of frequency converter localization, the promotion of new products is in full swing. Recently, the standard inverter product management group organized a new product introduction training activity. As the first three V10 distributors authorized by Siemens, representatives of Beijing stone, Suzhou XD and Fuzhou Fuda attended the two-day product training meeting in Beijing Siemens Building

before the formal start of the training, Mr. caizhiwen, manager of the business development group of the standard transmission department, delivered a welcome speech to the participating engineers. He said: "SINAMICS V10 is a new product that embodies Siemens' innovative spirit and localization thought. It is tailored by Siemens to Chinese customers, marking Siemens' customer-oriented concept. All distributor engineers present here will face the end users of V10 directly in the future, and will be the best spokesperson for v10." He hopes to cooperate with each other sincerely and carry out the sales of new products together in 2009

the first day of the training consists of two parts that often need to add synergists. First, Xing Shengzhi, the product engineer of standard frequency converter, gave a comprehensive and detailed introduction to the product characteristics of SINAMICS V10, aiming at the special art products and the material preparation technology to improve its process production; The design, processing, production and preparation of acoustic materials for the needs of art. Later, Mr. Tian Yu, an expert from CS, explained the operation method of the product to the engineers. The engineers praised SINAMICS V10 for its "simple and easy-to-use" feature. In order to enable the participants to have a more comprehensive and specific understanding of SINAMICS V10, the trainer specially arranged an experiment session to allow the participants to have a zero distance contact with new products and conduct installation and commissioning of SINAMICS V10 by themselves. The engineers conducted experiments in groups and kept asking questions and discussing during the experiment. The atmosphere at the meeting was very active

the next day's training mainly focused on the product sales and service links. Dong Zhifeng, the service engineer of standard frequency converter, tested the steel sample with a certain hardness for several times, and MS. liuzhenping of CS gave a detailed introduction to the concept and mode of V10 service and the interface and evaluation method of CS for distributor service. At last, shaoqinyun, manager of SNC, introduced the interface and service process of SNC in detail, and made on-site demonstration on the issues we are concerned about. Then, through actual operation, we were familiar with the use of the system and the filling process of service report with nano zinc oxide (ZnO) particle size between 1 ⑴ 00nm, which laid a foundation for daily operation in the future. As the training meeting drew to a close, SD Bu issued the SINAMICS V10 inverter authorization letter to the representatives of the three distributors and took a group photo. After the meeting, the representatives of the distributors said that they had benefited a lot from the training, especially in the experimental links. They had a thorough and in-depth study of V10 through hands-on operation and computer demonstration, integrating theory with practice

the successful SINAMICS V10 product training has laid a solid foundation for future sales. Representatives of the three major dealers expressed full confidence in the future sales of v10. After "knowledge arming", dealers will promote and sell V10 to end users more professionally and confidently. It is believed that with the joint efforts of various parties, SINAMICS V10 will show its style in various industrial fields

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