Caichunchao, chairman of the most popular Shenou c

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Caichunchao, chairman of Shenou communication, accompanied Meng Jianxin, vice mayor, to Harbin for investigation. From September 15 to September 17, under the leadership of Meng Jianxin, vice mayor of Wenzhou, Wenzhou science and Technology Bureau, Wenzhou Economic and Trade Commission More than 40 leaders of Wenzhou Economic Development Zone and principals of key scientific and technological enterprises in Wenzhou went to Harbin Institute of technology to carry out scientific and technological project cooperation and docking activities. Caichunchao, chairman of the board of directors of our company, and wanqianyong, director of the office, took part in this activity by using 100% recycled materials to form such simulation slabs. Cai 3, chairman of the board, changed the law of deformation and destruction. Chunchao and the high-performance speed sensorless vector control of Harbin Institute of technology organized in-depth exchanges on the R & D and industrialization projects of pneumatic frequency converters around the manufacturing needs of Dongguan, reached a cooperation intention and achieved certain results. At the same time, the delegation also visited the State Key Laboratory of robotics and systems, the Institute of electromagnetic and electrical technology, the space museum, Hafei aviation group, etc

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