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Caimaolin of aise Technology: implementing energy saving of air compression system with big data

the most insightful point of Viktor Schoenberg in the age of big data: great changes in life, work and thinking is that he clearly pointed out that the biggest change in the age of big data is to give up the desire for causality and instead focus on correlation

as a leading provider of energy-saving solutions for air compression in China, aise technology has been carrying out correlation analysis in the data analysis of energy-saving for air compression. It is very important for aluminum door and window enterprises to correctly understand the current situation of the industry, which is rooted in its circular energy-saving model of compressed air energy saving, professional energy-saving system and contract energy management

related theories in big data air compression energy saving

caimaolin of aise technology said that what big data focuses on, rather than why, will be easier for people who often buy. The recommendation engine of many e-commerce stations has this ability. It can recommend other books that customers just like when they buy books. Customers may not know why, but the station doesn't care why. However, based on the statistical analysis of thousands or even hundreds of millions of people, we can find the correlation. In other words, big data is better at statistically analyzing the correlation that human beings can not perceive, and suggest people to take action

in the implementation of air compression energy-saving projects, aise technology has broken through the traditional energy-saving method of focusing only on the source power equipment, paid more attention to the relationship between the source power equipment and the end equipment, and provided data-based and personalized energy-saving diagnosis and energy-saving transformation

in the transformation of energy-saving projects, aise technology provides customers with all-round central control room diagnosis, air compressor room diagnosis, gas supply pipe diagnosis and terminal gas equipment diagnosis services by conducting all-round and three-dimensional investigation and testing on the compressed air system of the enterprise, and evaluating the energy-saving potential based on big data analysis theory calculation and transformation experience

the digital story behind big data air compression energy saving

big data is all data, at least in all dimensions, which brings changes in the perspective of observing and analyzing things. Especially compared with traditional IT system data, big data emphasizes the externality and real-time of data, as well as the digitalization of benefits

at present, the annual power consumption of fans, water pumps and air compressors in the national industrial sector is 1.86 trillion kwh. The total power consumption of air compressors in China accounts for 15% and the annual power consumption is 280billion kwh. However, in the industrial use of compressed air, only 60% of the energy consumption is used for production, and the remaining 40% is consumed by leakage and false demand. The annual energy waste of air compressors in China is about 86billion kwh

aishe technology is committed to the overall energy-saving solution of the system from the source to the end, which can help enterprises reduce the energy consumption of the compression system by 15%~30%. Caimaolin said that a company used this system and saved 80000 kilowatt hours a day. Xuecunhe, a partner of Softbank China who invested in aishe technology, once said: we have calculated that if this system is used to optimize different industries, it can improve energy efficiency by about 20%. In this way, the saved electric phase exhibition area is 250000 square meters, which is equivalent to the power consumption of the whole Beijing city

it is understood that the top two domestic enterprises have the highest energy-saving rate of 10%. In addition to the frequency conversion technology, the two leading enterprises in the international market also increase the number control method, and the energy-saving rate can reach up to 20%. According to the national industrial statistics and analysis, the air compression system consumes 280billion kilowatt hours of electricity every year. According to the current air compression system of aishe technology, based on the average energy-saving rate of 25%, 70billion kilowatt hours of electricity can be saved every year, which is close to the power generation capacity of the three Gorges hydropower station

caimaolin said that huge data requires not only the improvement of energy-saving technology, but also the cost of labor. Therefore, it is very important to apply the value of big data air compression energy saving. Many companies know the big data thinking method: changing the software parameter settings of photoelectric switches, but they are helpless in front of a pile of data. Big data must start with every small detail. The demand after really mining big data has recently formed the value of the new exposure draft of the catalogue of industries encouraging foreign investment

for big data, its real value lies not in its big size, but in its mining ability, usefulness and relevance. As far as aishe technology is concerned, it has been constantly advancing in exploration

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