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Carbon black giant: Cabot has taken measures such as closing several factories to cope with the shrinking demand

the continued impact of the financial crisis and the shrinking global demand. Cabot, the carbon black manufacturer, has set up the wrong company on public holiday. It plans to close four factories and one regional office and freeze two other businesses in the next year. The company will reduce its production capacity by 16% and lay off about 12%

Cabot said it would close down stanlo ② in the UK For not only the carbon black production facilities in great lakes where the standard year changes W and the weight reduction value of bell in France is compared, but also the carbon black master batch plant in dukinfield, England, and the regional office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the tantalum powder manufacturing business in Boyertown, Pennsylvania will be frozen, and some production facilities of Merak carbon black plant in Indonesia and Sania plant in Ontario will be sealed

Cabot announced that the production of the new rubber carbon black production facility in Tianjin, China was postponed. In the past year, the plant has been under construction, and it is planned that the final production capacity will reach 150000 tons per year

Patrick Prevost, CEO of Cabot, said that the closure of the above facilities means that the annual production capacity will drop by 250000 to 300000 tons, of which about 150000 tons will disappear permanently

it is reported that Cabot's remaining plants in major markets around the world will be sufficient to meet future demand. In North America, Cabot closed the Waverly carbon black plant in West Virginia last year to solve the problem of equipment utilization

Cabot does not have any forecast figures for the remaining months of 2009, but has planned to slow down its global development in 2009 and expects to slow down its production in the next quarter

it is estimated that from fiscal year 2010, Cabot structural adjustment 1 is to establish a monitoring and analysis system, which will save more than US $80million annually, and save us $80million in one-time cash costs and US $70million in non cash costs

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