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The application case of qingruo Yingtai EDMS system in BAIC Foton company

I. the generation of application requirements

in 1997, BAIC Foton company was still in the stage of manual drawing board design, and all drawing materials were paper media, which were managed manually by the reference room. The management personnel of the reference room shall number, bind, archive and put these drawings and nuclear technical data into the file cabinet. When engineering and technical personnel want to inquire this information, they need to borrow it from the reference room through certain procedures. With the increase of personnel and design projects, this consulting method has seriously affected the design efficiency. According to statistics, the time for designers to find the required drawings and materials accounts for about 20% of their total design time. How to shorten this part of non value-added invalid time has become a focus of improving design efficiency and shortening development cycle

in response to the call of "drawing board rejection" project, our company began to invest in CAD application at the beginning of 1998, and realized drawing board rejection within three months, which greatly improved the design efficiency. However, at the same time, because a large number of CAD files generated in the product design cycle enter the computer and are scattered on everyone's computer hard disk, although the folder form of server is also used for management in the initial stage, the problem has not been fundamentally solved. There are mainly the following problems:

(1) difficult to find files

because a series of new products should inherit about 80% of the achievements of old products, Therefore, it is necessary to often consult the old CAD files, but it is difficult to find the files because the structure and fuzzy query cannot be implemented

(2) version management cannot be realized

due to product design changes, CAD files need to be changed. Although CAD technology makes it very convenient to modify various graphics and text data, poor version management will bring problems to the consistency and effectiveness of data. How to ensure that the correct version of drawings is used has become a crucial problem

(3) security and confidentiality cannot guarantee that all data of

products are stored in the computer, and these data are vulnerable to illegal calls, copies and modifications. Therefore, security and confidentiality has become the core issue in data management, which requires different powers to deal with different ranges of data according to the different responsibilities of various personnel

(4) difficulty in realizing data sharing

the original data borrowing system has not adapted to the development of CAD technology. Now, all data are exchanged on the network in the form of electronic files, which means that the data can be transferred to the people who need the data at any time within the scope of authority control, so as to truly realize data sharing, so as to standardize and systematize products, reduce design and processing costs, and improve competitiveness

(5) it is difficult to guarantee the consistency between electronic drawings and paper drawings.

even if CAD technology is adopted, due to the limitation of CAD application level of external cooperation units, it is also necessary to print out the base map and print the blue map. Whether the consistency of electronic drawings, base map and blueprint can be guaranteed is the key factor to determine the utilization value of electronic drawings

the above problems in CAD data management have exposed the contradiction between the rapid development of CAD technology and backward data management methods, and hindered the further development of CAD technology. The ideal breakthrough to solve this contradiction is product data management (PDM)

II. Beiqi Foton PDM Application implementation plan

PDM integrates and manages product related information, processes, people and organizations. Based on software, it is a technology that deals with all product related information (engineering specifications, electronic documents, images, cad/cae/cam files, product structures, etc.) and all product related processes (including workflow process, approval/issuance process, engineering change order, etc.) once there is a problem with these keys

basic PDM is often divided into three levels: graph oriented document management (document and CAD centered document management); Configuration centered product structure and BOM management; Workflow management

for our company, there are many kinds of products, a large amount of data, and the design departments are distributed in different regions (Beijing, Shandong, Hunan), so it is very suitable for PDM system. However, the implementation of PDM is difficult, especially in the management of workflow. It is very difficult to change the existing working methods and methods. Therefore, our company should implement PDM in stages according to the implementation principles of PDM: benefit driven, overall planning, step-by-step implementation, key breakthroughs

1. In the first stage, the management of electronic drawings and documents should be realized.

due to the successful implementation of the drawing board rejection project, all designers have now adopted computers to design and compile technical documents, which has produced a large number of computer documents that need to be managed. Therefore, electronic drawing management software must be configured to effectively manage drawings and documents according to the combination of product structure and grouping mode

2. In the second stage, we should realize product configuration management

in this stage, our attention is focused on managing the relationship between all parts. Realize the effective management of the product structure tree of each vehicle model and the borrowing relationship between parts and components of each vehicle model

3. In the third stage, implement the management of workflow

realize the proofreading, approval and distribution of CAD generated drawing files on the network, replace the current manual signing method, and improve work efficiency; Realize the assignment of tasks, effectively monitor the design process of each designer and schedule in time; Realize the management of product change process, and ensure that after the data in the database is changed, the data of its relevant reference system is also changed accordingly

III. selection of electronic drawing management system

in May 1998, we began the selection of electronic drawing management system. After careful comparison of the software performance, strength, services and needs of the current domestic companies, we finally chose the EDMS system of Tsinghua Yingtai Information Technology Center (gh-edms of the former Gaohua company), mainly for the following reasons

1. Tsinghua Yingtai has a complete PDM solution, and in order to meet the application needs of enterprise segmentation, it takes out the electronic drawing management module in its PDM system and becomes an independent electronic drawing management system (EDMS). It can not only meet the urgent needs of enterprises for the current drawing and document management, but also ensure the smooth transition of enterprises to PDM system

2. Tsinghua Yingtai has a friendly cooperative relationship and good reputation with its customers. In the process of cooperation with our company, we also deeply experience this point. This friendly cooperative relationship has completely gone beyond the business relationship involved. It is a partnership of mutual responsibility, honesty and sincere cooperation. This relationship is also the decisive factor for the success of the application

3. The function of Tsinghua Yingtai EDMS software is very powerful, which fits the actual application of enterprises, and it is difficult

4. Tsinghua Yingtai is carrying out secondary software development according to customer needs, which is fast and meets the implementation needs of users

in view of the above reasons, we have conducted friendly cooperation with Tsinghua Yingtai information technology center

IV. implementation of EDMS in BAIC Foton

the EMDS developed by intime itself has accumulated the essence of many years of application practice, and has perfect ideas, functions and implementation plans. Our company's implementation of EMDS has mainly gone through the following stages:

1. Application training

the software application training is organized by the water supply system company of intime software, which should check the humidification system at this time. So that we can prepare to position our own needs and straighten out the ideas for further development

2. Determine the requirements according to the software functions

according to the functions of EDMS and corresponding to the actual needs of our company, determine which requirements have been determined in the software, the test data is helpful to verify the performance of hybrid composites, and which requirements need secondary development

1) the system has functions that can be directly applied:

(1) user role division and permission setting

Basic permissions are divided into 16 parts, such as query, warehousing, report printing, drawing and file outbound, document outbound, document deletion, system management, status management, drawing and file maintenance, product structure maintenance, project management, version management, drawing and file deletion, drawing grouping management, drawing grouping maintenance, report design, etc, Any combination of them can constitute a combination of roles' permissions, so as to ensure the security of electronic drawings

(2) the function of extracting the contents of title blocks and parts lists from CAD drawing files

(3) the warehousing and outbound functions of drawing files

(4) the structure and fuzzy query function of drawing files

(5) the version management function of drawing files

(6) project management function

(7) the maintenance function of drawing files

(8) document warehousing, query The function of delivery

(9) report generation function

(10) backup and recovery function

2) the function of secondary development

(1) the statistical function of drawing quantity and drawing sheet (mainly used for the workload statistics of designers)

(2) the status of drawings (the management of trial production drawings and formal production drawings)

(3) personnel management can be carried out in groups, and permission distribution can be carried out in groups. Mail can also be sent in groups

(4) try to avoid unnecessary options, simplify the operation of designers, and reduce the problems caused by misoperation and multiple entries

(5) the drawings and files can be managed by grouping

3. Formulate an implementation plan and carry out work

formulate a practical application implementation plan according to the actual application needs

(1) Yingtai software company will try to install the original system in our company to determine the applicability of the network environment and investigate the further detailed application requirements

(2) according to the determined application requirements, Yingtai software company will carry out secondary development

(3) after the completion of secondary development, carry out system installation and small-scale trial operation

(4) improve the system according to the problems in the trial operation

(5) formulate various management measures

(6) formal installation of the system, and training on system use and management methods

(7) the system is put into trial operation

(8) do a good job in application guidance and data backup

v. effect after EMDS application

1 generally use mineral oil with medium viscosity

there are 16000 drawings in our company's current library, and the library file size is 8g. Due to the adoption of EDMS, CAD files have changed from passive management to active management. Designers can quickly query the required files, and ensure that they are the correct version through version management, which greatly improves the design efficiency. Through the setting of permissions, the security of data is determined, and good application results are achieved

with the development of the company, now our company's design departments are distributed in Beijing, Shandong, Hunan and other places. We have configured a total of 5 sets of EDMS systems, of which:

1 set of General Technical Research Institute, 110 client node points

2 sets of Beijing Branch of Technical Research Institute, 60 client node points

1 set of Zhucheng vehicle research plant, 20 client node points

1 set of Changsha vehicle research plant, The number of client nodes is 20 (end)

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