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Yuyintianxia: the application of speech synthesis technology in rural broadcasting system

1. The current situation of rural broadcasting

the displacement measurement of domestic experimental machines is vernier structure, which adopts mechanical positioning mechanism, and the measurement force display is pointer type. Although some experimental machines adopt digital display mode, its displacement positioning adopts mechanical structure, with low accuracy, which is not suitable for high-precision measurement. With the rise of cable television network, Local radio and television departments have set up their own cable television networks and rapidly extended to the vast rural areas. The focus of local radio and television departments has shifted to cable television, and the investment in rural cable broadcasting has gradually decreased. Although some products are not high-end, only a few regions in the country have retained the rural broadcasting system. However, this kind of public broadcasting is the most suitable environment for rural areas to create a smooth information channel in rural areas. Rural people have long developed an idyllic life of going out early and returning late. As an important channel of information dissemination, radio can be heard everywhere in the field without restricting their actions. There is no need to worry that listening will delay their work. It is difficult to broadcast different information to the masses at any time according to different natural villages by means of recording. The speech synthesis chip syn6658, which has preliminarily formed the speech synthesis technology of the new material industry cluster in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Ningbo and other regions, can easily solve this problem and convert massive and dynamic information into speech broadcast to the majority of users in real time. When the terminal is idle, it can broadcast and entertain information to the majority of users

2. Significance of establishing rural broadcasting system

in case of major natural disasters, timely release information. No matter where, as long as you dial one or send a text message, it will be released point-to-point and point-to-point, without blind spots, covering natural villages, and timely prevent and avoid natural disasters. Facing more and more public crisis events, rural broadcasting system has the function of emergency broadcasting and an effective means to protect people's lives and property. TTS text and SMS emergency broadcast function. Realize text conversion voice broadcasting from e-mail, SMS, files and other channels, push and store the broadcast content to the terminal in advance, and the terminal will play offline at the specified time. Realize the release of text, pictures, videos and other multimedia information

rural broadcasting system is also an important support for the spiritual life of grass-roots farmers. As a carrier of information dissemination, broadcasting has a wide range of practical value. From the aspect of production: transmitting market information, producing practical knowledge, etc; From the perspective of management: government orders, emergency notices, disaster prevention and relief can be conveyed through broadcasting; In terms of entertainment, we can play beautiful and healthy music tracks to create a relaxed working and living environment, beautify our spirit, beautify our life, and so on

is the public opinion propaganda tool of grass-roots organizations and the work management method of grass-roots organizations. FM radio is a kind of high-frequency radio coverage, which is free from the constraints of environment and place. It can enjoy beautiful background music. At the same time, it can also address and broadcast anytime and anywhere according to different listeners, and has a strong control ability; Therefore, the information of the first period can be transmitted to listeners at different times, contents and locations

3. Working principle of the broadcasting system

the county computer room is equipped with a county-level intelligent coding controller with text to speech function, a county-level intelligent FM modulator and a set of addressing terminal management platform software. The speech broadcasting function adopts the speech synthesis chip syn6658 developed by speech synthesis technology. The TTS chip is small in size, supports four internal code formats of GB2312, GBK, Big5 and Unicode, and has a variety of special effect prompt tones and professional voice prompt tones. The sound is sweet, natural and has strong anti noise ability. It is a TTS chip suitable for all kinds of intelligent alarm and early warning systems

under the unified coordination and management of the addressing terminal management platform software and the audio workstation, the broadcast program is automatically broadcast according to the flow sheet. At this time, the audio broadcast program is modulated to fm91.8mhz through the county-level intelligent FM modulator, mixed with the district CATV signal and delivered to all towns and villages in the county. Through the automatic differential function of the township system, the receiving terminal within the county automatically starts up, receives and broadcasts the county-level broadcast program. When the county-level signal stops broadcasting, the receiving terminals in the whole county will shut down automatically

when the county needs to broadcast separately to some towns or villages, it can realize point-to-point or point-to-point broadcasting through the terminal management platform or operating the intelligent coding controller. The price game between coal and electricity can also be carried out through the county-level intelligent coding controller, and the smoke can be rekindled to remotely modify the volume and switch of the receiving terminal

when an emergency occurs and it is necessary to broadcast an emergency broadcast, a short message can be sent. When the sending is authorized, the receiving terminal uses the speech synthesis chip syn6658 to convert the text content of the short message into voice, and then turns on the county-level machine room equipment. Through the automatic differential of the town level system, all receiving terminals automatically receive the emergency broadcast program. After the broadcast is completed, the county-level machine room and town machine room equipment and receiving terminals automatically shut down

for the function of broadcasting short messages in the early warning industry, syn6658 speech synthesis chip can pre store multiple short messages, and then play them together, so as to realize the voice notification of long short messages. Even if the group sending of messages is disordered in the process of wireless sending and receiving, the voice of the message report can be played orderly effectively. The repeatable broadcast content shall not exceed 4096 bytes. And you can customize the prompt sound function, the sound quality changes in the algorithm, using high fidelity audio output; No external flash is required

at present, the rural broadcasting system based on speech synthesis technology has been successfully implemented in some villages and villages. It also provides real-time voice broadcasting for users in water conservancy, meteorology, geology and other industries, which is the preferred choice for customers to freely establish information release, voice advertising, disaster reduction and early warning systems

such a scheme makes the best possible use of existing resources and the most cutting-edge speech synthesis technology. The most important thing is that it can give real-time early warning, minimize the harm, and save the interests of the broad masses of the people. It is a scientific solution

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