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Application of WinAC in automobile brake caliper testing line

excellent testing equipment is a necessary means for the manufacturing industry to ensure product volume and develop new products. As the safety equipment of automobile, automobile brake caliper is an important product related to personal safety. The price of similar label products can range from $50 to $2000 per kilogram, which is a product of great relevance to the manufacturer. Not long ago, Mitsubishi recalled its Pajero car because of the defect of braking equipment. Therefore, the country has strict testing standards for the brake caliper of automobiles and motorcycles. There are many related testing items, and most of the testing indicators require accurate quantitative values. Many old-fashioned detection equipment can only detect some items, and its scalability is very poor, so it is difficult to adapt to the high-efficiency production mode of modern enterprises with multiple varieties and short cycles. The detection equipment using modern detection means requires that it can not only detect, but also adapt to the modern production mode, and can provide a lot of useful information for production and management in time. At the beginning of 2002, our company received an order for the automobile brake caliper testing line from Zhejiang Libang company. The customer has many kinds of brake caliper, including automobile products and a large number of motorcycle products. The customer requires that the testing equipment can cover as many national standard testing items as possible, In terms of detectable components, it is required to be able to detect not only automotive products, but also overload automatic return function vehicle products of motorcycle spring testing machine, and must have good scalability to improve the utilization rate of equipment. A large amount of test data and friendly man-machine interface shall be provided in the detection process

system selection and scheme determination

due to the large amount of test data to be processed, the use of PC based system is an inevitable choice, but at the same time, this set of detection equipment has a large number of digital i/o points, and there are many parts that need process control. Using PLC is simple and reliable. Moreover, we are very familiar with the PLC control system, and we have made products of the same type for reference. If we completely abandon the traditional PLC control and turn to PC control, it will be both difficult and risky for us. It is for the above reasons that we chose WinAC as an open PC based control system with both soft PLC and a large number of interfaces required by the computer control system. Thanks to the fact that WinAC can use the original PLC STEP7 program, our previous program can be used on WinAC without major changes, which greatly saves manpower and time. We have used two sets of WinAC systems in this project; One is used for fatigue testing machine and the other is used for comprehensive test bench. Now use the fatigue testing machine system to briefly describe the composition of the system:

1. Industrial computer p Ⅲ 933mhz CPU, 256M memory, Windows2000 Professional Edition added SP2

2. Communication card CP5611

3. WinAC basis version, and step 7

4.visual basic and Microsoft office software

distributed IO uses et200m, including the following components: power supply ps307, PROFIBUS module et200m, digital input, digital output, analog input. Because Windows2000 itself is not a real-time operating system, we chose a high-end computer system to ensure the rapid response of the control process (this is not because WinAC needs a high-end PC, in fact, WinAC can operate normally on 486 types of PCs). Almost all modules of the original s can be used with et200m, which can greatly save the cost of spare parts for customers. Profibu initial s bus is used between the computer and distributed IO, and the communication speed is 1.5mbps. The communication distance is 20m

two system advantages

the use of Siemens' WinAC system has brought us unprecedented convenience. Due to the use of et200m distributed IO and PROFIBUS Fieldbus, it not only greatly reduces the cost of wiring, but also enables customers to operate test equipment, collect data and process data in the office. Data is directly shared within the local area of the company. WinAC provides excel controls (which need to be downloaded from Siemens' station) that can easily collect data directly in Excel worksheets. For Microsoft's VB, Siemens provides controls including buttons, indicators, etc. these controls can be used to complete the interface design almost without any programming. Writevariable and re of data control also bring more opportunities when setting parameters or other specific occasions. Advariable function (method) can complete almost all work. Due to the adoption of a large number of advanced Microsoft technologies, WinAC gives programmers a wide range of freedom in programming

three others

have also encountered some problems in this project, which have been solved with the great help of Siemens. Now I list two points to discuss with my peers:

1 In the manual of WinAC, it is said that the set value of timer cannot be changed. In fact, only two points need to be paid attention to when it is implemented. The preset value of timer must be stored in a certain word. In addition, since timer uses BCD code, it can be set normally only by using BCD code. Otherwise, it will stop running because of BCD conversion error, and decimal number can be read in VB in the form of 'H'

2. Whether the grounding is correct or not will play a very important role in communication. Siemens' standard bus connector connects both ends of the shielding layer to the ground of the equipment. In some cases of poor grounding, it will sometimes be strongly interfered. If necessary, trying to ground one end will get a better anti-interference effect

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