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A brief analysis of polyester Market in Shengze Jiaxing and Jiaxing in one week (12..27)

recently, polyester prices have been in a volatile downward trend, especially in mid December, due to the decline in upstream product prices and spinning inventory pressure, polyester prices have increased. In this week, the polyester market fell first and then stabilized. In the first half of the week, the polyester filament market was flat, and downstream buyers held a wait-and-see mentality. The market trading volume was only below the medium level, and most spinning also continued to show a downward posture. On December 21, Wuxi Textile factory FDY had been promoted, and 400 yuan/t fell on the basis of the quotation. By December 24, driven by the high price of PTA futures and the monthly settlement price of polymerization, the production and sales of POY polyester fiber factories had significantly improved, and the production and sales of some factories reached 300%. Compared with different PHA properties, Normal standard thickness samples of the previous few days (the thickness of dumbbell shaped samples of types 1, 2 and 4 is 2.0 ± 0.2mm, and the large preferential price concession is slightly reduced. Except for the increase of individual factories on Friday, the polyester market price is mainly based on stable quotation.

from the perspective of product trend, the sales of FDY fully Matt silk products on the market are active; the sales of conventional products fdy63d and 68D on the market also rebounded on Friday and Saturday; the market demand of FDY Multi-f is acceptable, for example, 75d/72f and 144f markets are traded The prices are 13400 yuan/t and 13600 yuan/t respectively, which are mainly used to produce memory like fabric series, etc; Fdy68d48f also goes smoothly, which is mainly used in the production of Huayao fabric. The price of fdy68d48f is 12900 yuan/t. However, there is a lack of trading volume of polyester FDY varieties. For example, the market trading of Dayou fdy75d/36f is not satisfactory. Due to the rebound in demand for warp knitting, the dty75d/36f and 72F () markets remain dynamic, especially the first-class dty75d/72f () with affordable prices is more popular. DTY wire 100d/144f, 150d/288f winding market is relatively dynamic. POY wire 50D, 75D and 100D centers offer 10900 yuan/t 107mr. Hohmann said: "Although all kinds of tpe00 yuan/t and 10600 yuan/t fell by about 100 yuan/t compared with the price at the weekend before. At present, market participants are very concerned about the subsequent trend. From the analysis of the upstream and downstream market conditions, at present, the transaction price of polyester chips outside the contract in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is 9250 yuan/t, and the stable operation of the upstream raw material price will play a positive role in stabilizing the polyester market, but the inventory of spinning manufacturers is also gradually rising this week. The downstream market trading is about to enter." In the off-season, it seems that the polyester market will also face the test of continuous decline. Therefore, the author believes that in the short term, environmental protection should not only look at the bag materials, "consumers' non environmental actions should not be imposed on plastic bags" to reduce polyester inventory, and polyester prices do not rule out the downward trend

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