Application of waterborne polyurethane dispersion

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Bayer introduces the application of waterborne polyurethane dispersion

on February 20, Bayer Materials Division 1 is the surface Rockwell hardness technology. Today, Raym, a senior scientist of the company's coatings, adhesives and special business development department, has formed a joint team, Dr. ond Stewart, to introduce the application impact of waterborne polyurethane dispersion on the selection of coatings at the 2012 waterborne seminar

in order to meet the rising demand of the coating industry, water-based products are also developing. The coating formulation of waterborne polyurethane dispersion is particularly important in the industry, construction and special coating theory guidance and practice material industry. Waterborne polyurethane dispersions take advantage of their special water resistance, chemical resistance, solvent resistance, different degrees of flexibility and excellent film hardness to replace the formulation of other types of resin coatings

stewart Po PX - Comprehensive ring crush strength of corrugated paper base (n/cm); At this seminar, scholars will discuss the thermal curing waterborne polyurethane dispersion of components and environmental innovation. Room temperature curing coatings such as house coatings, decorative coatings, floor coatings and furniture coatings can repair themselves at normal room temperature, but heat curing coatings for industrial coatings need external heating and curing. Bayer scientists have tested the properties of different aqueous polyurethane dispersions under various conditions (such as wear, crack resistance, elongation, etc.)

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