Application of variable frequency speed regulation

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Application of frequency conversion and speed regulation in printing machinery of the times

1. Low temperature tank refrigeration system and compactor of printing machinery: in order to ensure the cooling rate and minimum temperature requirements of the experimental box, there are many kinds of requirements. At present, the main types of frequency conversion and speed regulation technology include offset printing machine, gravure printing machine, automatic slitting machine, edge sealing dual-purpose bag making machine with the lowest price of the year, semi-automatic dual-purpose covering machine, wet laminating machine, laminating press, glue wrapping machine Aluminum foil slitter, adhesive tape Slitter, etc. In particular, offset printing machines and gravure printing machines can be divided into various types of machines according to different classification standards. For example, offset press can be divided into monochrome, two-color and multi-color (such as four-color, five color and six color), among which monochrome and two-color are most commonly used. According to the specification of the paper, it is divided into eight open, four open, half open and full open offset presses. According to the printing surface, there are two sides and one side. In short, the application of frequency conversion and speed regulation technology in offset press has been quite common. It is mainly the main motor speed regulation and the washing system motor speed regulation to complete the paper feeding, inking, printing, ink washing and other actions in the printing process

take the drum variable frequency drive of a small printing machine as an example:

I. system composition

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II. Operation mode:

very comfortable

1. Inching (or low-speed 5Hz) operation

2, constant speed 1 printing

3, constant speed 2 ink washing

motor operates in the above three forms. The first one in this figure is the electric potentiometer macro in the application macro of era tvf2000 series inverter

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