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Application of Weida electric products in Metro gate system overview:

in recent years, China's urban transportation construction has developed rapidly with the pace of economic construction, of which rail transit construction is an important part. Urban rail transit has been recognized as a safe, comfortable, fast, punctual and environmentally friendly high-capacity passenger transport. Automatic fare collection (AFC) system, as an indispensable part of urban rail transit integrated automation system, is an important symbol to reflect and measure the informatization level of rail transit. Automatic fare collection (AFC) system refers to a complete set of solutions to realize industry automatic charging, automatic charging, automatic settlement and automatic ledger

automatic ticket gate plays an important role as the terminal equipment of the whole AFC system. Automatic ticket gate can provide automatic ticket checking for entrances and exits with large passenger flow, such as stations, docks, subways, etc., which is a fast, simple, safe and reliable means. According to functions, automatic ticket checking machines can be divided into import and export ticket checking machines. The blocking device of automatic ticket checking machine can be divided into door opening type and rod type according to user requirements and application occasions

in this case, Vader embedded board wafer-c400e2vr is applied to the automatic ticket gate of metro rail transit, playing the role of control and communication


in the Metro gate system, multiple serial port applications are required, such as automatic ticket throughput port, contactless IC card, display frequency company representation for displaying prompt information, blocking device controller, central controller, alarm, etc. at the same time, ports are required for information communication with the system terminal. The application of multi-function puts forward higher requirements for the operation speed, interrupt control and scalability of the system

the requirements highlighted by the customer in this case:

1 Sufficient processing capacity

2 Low power consumption (no fan)

3 8 serial ports (4 RS232, 4 RS422)

4 Support wince

in the whole industry, there is no such a separate embedded card that meets the above requirements at the same time, so videc provides the following solutions: wafer-c400e2vr + two pm-1004 + CE net4.2

wafer-c400e2vr uses via vt8601via chipset, which is a mature product of via. At the same time, it uses ultra-low power intel-c400 processor and fanless design. This scheme not only meets the needs of customers, but also has many practical and extended functions, such as supporting LCD display and audio for playing advertisements; The watchdog function enhances the reliability of the system; Support CF card to make the system store the latest transaction records; The 10/100mbps port and intel-82551/rtl8100b network controller enable the gate to communicate with the control terminal

time frame diagram of adding these materials to resin or other thermoplastic materials in the system box:

overall evaluation:

with the further development of urbanization in "C2" country, the rail transit industry will become an important part of urban construction. In the solution provided in this case, we have integrated various software and hardware resources, and made full use of the low power consumption of wafer-c400e2vr, the expansion function of PC104 and the powerful wince customization capability of Weida electric, which has well solved the problems encountered in the system of which components of the automatic ticket gate system will affect the performance of the material tensile testing machine

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