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The application of Zhongda automation products in the biological feed industry

Abstract: This paper introduces the process control and design principle of the new domestic micro liquid adding equipment, and the successful application of an economically mature automatic control system based on the delta man-machine interface, eh series programmable controller and M series frequency converter on the liquid post spraying equipment in the domestic biological feed industry

key words: Delta automation products, touch screen, programmable controller, frequency converter, MODBUS communication network, new micro liquid adding equipment

I. Introduction

in the biological feed industry, liquid feed is a kind of feed with high energy and nutrition, as well as a supplementary feed. Its dosage is not much, but it plays a larger role Because livestock and poultry are easy to digest and absorb liquid feed, the effect of weight gain and disease resistance is obvious There are various ways to add liquid feed. The traditional ways of adding liquid feed are in mixer, conditioner, pressing room and separate spraying machine, as well as in feeding site, such as cattle and sheep trough, poultry drinking water, etc Feed factories often add in the mixer, and the micro liquid adding equipment in feed production adopts post spraying technology, which refers to the method of adding some components in formula feed that are vulnerable to loss or damage in the processing process (such as microecological agents, enzyme preparations, vitamins and other heat sensitive micro components) in the late processing by liquid spraying, so as to prevent these components from loss or damage. It mainly has the following advantages: it can avoid the damage of heat sensitive trace components such as enzyme preparations from thermal processing, reduce the addition of these components, and thus reduce the production cost

Figure 1 appearance of the new micro liquid adding equipment

the main technical characteristics of this machine on how to break through the bottleneck of existing R & D innovation and industrial utilization of graphene:

1. Use the least and most reliable components

the components used in this equipment, whether mechanical or electrical, have been strictly screened and tested to ensure the operation reliability of the system and minimize the maintenance required by the system

2. Full automatic closed-loop control

when in use, the operator only needs to input the corresponding production parameters in advance, and the system will automatically start and stop according to the material level of the buffer bin, automatically adjust the material flow, and automatically adjust the liquid addition according to the material flow. Due to the full-automatic closed-loop control, it can better ensure the stability, convenience and reliability of the system operation

3. All parameters and production status can be maintained after power failure

control parameters and production parameters, including production data, can be maintained after power failure. Effectively prevent data loss after sudden power failure and ensure the traceability of production

4. Continuous main flow control ensures the accuracy of control

by installing a buffer bin under the grading screen, we can overcome the shortcomings of intermittent discharge of cooler and ensure the continuity of production and the continuous operation of enzyme addition system. The buffer bin with reasonable volume can effectively prevent the frequent startup of the control system, so as to improve the accuracy of control and effectively extend the service life of the system

5. The liquid enzyme weighing instrument strengthens the real-time production monitoring function and improves the stability and reliability of the system

II Process schematic diagram of new micro liquid adding equipment

III Overview of the control system of the new micro liquid adding equipment:

with the technical support of Zhongda Diantong Wuhan Branch, a new micro liquid adding equipment of a key customer in Wuhan adopts a full range of delta products to complete the process control process. The dvp40eh00t2 (or dvp80eh00r2) PLC is responsible for controlling the operation of the whole machine. At the same time, it is equipped with dopa57bstd or dopas57bstd touch screen, making full use of the multi port communication function of Delta PLC, RS232 communication is adopted between the COM1 port of PLC and the touch screen, Chinese and graphic symbols are used to set and display production parameters, and real-time display of faults is carried out to promote the pilot display of methanol vehicles, so as to make the control more humanized, which is conducive to the operation of the whole machine and convenient management. Free protocol communication data exchange is adopted between the com2 port of PLC and four weighing display controllers, In addition, according to the needs of users, some models use the COM3 port of PLC to realize data monitoring and management through dvpf232s card and force control configuration software, and configure M-series frequency converter and HMI to realize data exchange and communication control through ModbusRTU

IV. introduction to the system operation interface

this device adopts the full Chinese touch screen operation interface, which is intuitive and convenient to operate. The operation interface and operation production are described in detail below in combination with the working principle of this equipment

4.1 startup screen

press the "enter" key to enter the operator login screen

4.2 directory menu

Figure 2 rear spraying equipment directory menu

curve calibration: this calibration is used to simulate the blanking volume and is an important operation step of production operation. It is necessary to calibrate two calibration points, calculate the curve and calibrate the zero position

parameter setting: understand the meaning of the name in each parameter setting, analyze and write it after debugging according to the actual dry flow in the production process and the VPS value of each metering pump (stroke length of the pump)

test screen: used to test whether the alarm and stepper motor open and close the door normally, and the stepper motor can be used to manually control the switch of the door, so that the materials can be discharged without enzyme spraying

formula setting: fill in the size of the ring mold and the name of the formula according to the size and formula of the feed ring mold produced by each factory

calculation of correction coefficient: (actual packing value/total flow displayed on the main screen) × Original correction factor = existing correction factor

system setting: refers to the setting of system time and contrast, which is generally set before delivery and does not need to be changed

main screen: the main screen of production operation. Operators of all manufacturers need to understand the meaning of control keys and data display in the main screen

report view: the data displayed on the main screen include the total output of the following materials, enzyme consumption, formula name, and production time. Report records are automatically generated after the system is cleared

fault screen: in the production process, when there is a problem with the equipment, the fault screen dialog box will pop up automatically, which is convenient for users to view the fault information and solve the fault

pump calibration: under a certain back pressure and pump stroke length, accurately calculate and calibrate the VPS value of the pump according to a certain number of strokes and enzyme consumption, that is, how many grams of enzyme per stroke

4.3 operator login screen

remarks: the operator password is used for the normal production of the central control operator to enter the system, and the administrator password is used for the quality control personnel or debugging and maintenance personnel to log in to the system to modify the important production parameters of the system

4.4 main screen

4.5 parameter setting

click the next page of the above figure to select, and the password dialog box will pop up. The administrator password is required to enter the following menu management:

4.6 recipe setting

this screen is the recipe setting screen in the main screen directory. Click recipe setting, and the following screen will appear

take Line 1 as an example, click line 1 in the above figure, and the following screen will appear:

4.7 report interface

click line 1 in the system report selection screen to enter the following screen

* note: This report is to facilitate users to view the output of each feed, the total enzyme consumption and the specific production time. This screen is automatically generated under the clearance button in the main screen, with a total of 6 pages and 10 report records per page. Senior administrator login is required to eliminate records

4.8 test screen

this screen is the test screen in the main screen directory. Click the test screen to pop up the following screen

4.9 system settings

* note: the settings of system time and contrast are generally set before leaving the factory and do not need to be changed

4.10 common alarm information and processing methods of fault screen

there are 17 alarm messages in this system, which are divided into three categories according to the alarm mode:

① there is an alarm sound, but it is not processed, just press the clear alarm, and the relevant alarm information is as follows:

② there is no alarm sound, but the system is shutdown and door closing processing (just observe and analyze)

③ there is an alarm sound, and the system is shutdown and door closing processing, clear the alarm first, After the fault is eliminated, press the confirm key

V these two regions account for about 85% of the total output of flame retardant PP in China. Conclusion: since the successful test of this model in March last year, the test of spring torsion tester has been widely promoted and applied in major domestic biological feed production enterprises because of its good cost performance. Up to now, more than 800 machines have been in use, because the product automatic control system is powerful, efficient and energy-saving, It is convenient to use and stable in quality, so it is welcomed by the majority of customers, and the market response is good, which has brought huge market economic benefits to the company! (end)

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