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Emerson is committed to process control and automation optimization

recently, Emerson held a 2015 global user exchange at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. On the opening day, Emerson Process Management held a press conference on project certainty. During this period, many Emerson experts, partners and end users had exchanges

seeking simplicity

due to cost overruns and lagging progress, billions of dollars are lost every year in oil and gas exploration and production, hydrocarbon and natural gas processing, chemical, pharmaceutical and other processing industries. Jimnyquist, President of Emerson systems and solutions, said that according to the report, 65% of global projects worth more than $1billion and 35% of global projects less than $500million ended in failure -- if the project fails, it is defined as budget overrun of at least 25% and progress lag of 50%

when the project cannot be implemented continuously due to budget overrun and schedule lag, industrial enterprises will walk on thin ice. Nyquist said. This summer, a third-party study commissioned by US showed that the complexity of the project is the main reason for these problems. We cannot continue to copy blindly. Although the fall in oil prices has sounded an alarm for us, the best examples of the same projects are far from enough. We need to fundamentally change the way we do things. Some customers reported that in terms of project cost and complexity, we need to reset the standard across the industry, generally within% range, and the implementation of these projects needs to be more predictable and reliable

nyquist added that the latest study of industry project analysis (IPA)) analyzed 400 global oil and gas projects during the year. The study found that if these projects were implemented by companies with the best performance, for the standardized $1billion project, the project cost could be saved by 54% and the time could be saved by 49%. He explained that the cost of a $1billion project would be higher than $1.6 billion and the construction period would be 4 years and 5 months if it was completed by the company with the worst performance, while if it was done by the company with the best performance, the cost would be only $750million and the construction period would be 2 years and 3 months

if we can upgrade the three companies with the worst performance to the company with the best performance today, it will bring a value opportunity of $430billion per year. Nyquist said. This is why we need to look at the project from different perspectives, and also why we promote the certainty of the project. Project certainty is Emerson's innovative approach, that is, to achieve optimal performance by reducing costs, reducing complexity, and adapting to changes

cost reduction and complexity reduction

first, project certainty begins with early communication during customer engineering and design research, defining project objectives and identifying high impact strategies to achieve these objectives. Although automation only accounts for about 4% of the investment of most projects, automation can simplify the project process beyond the scope of automation

Kevin Jackson, vice president of Emerson global project operations, reported that project certainty can reduce unnecessary work, improve the efficiency of necessary work and eliminate rework, so as to reduce labor costs. It can also avoid the need to re lay pipelines, structural modifications and electrical components, so as to reduce material costs and promote engineering design with applicability and reasonable scale

for example, take a recent project as an example. Previously, the project was equipped with 18000 i/os and requires 32 cabinets. After using charm's electronic wiring technology and supporting 1-stream post forging treatment equipment such as heating furnace, heat treatment furnace and chemical etching washing, the conventional i/o points were reduced by 37% and only 20 cabinets were needed; The electronic wiring technology using intelligent junction box has reduced the i/o of the project by 95%, and only one cabinet is needed, saving a total of $14million. Jackson said

in addition, a recent solution for integrated well testing has saved a total of $3.5 million by reducing the demand for separators, valves and instruments in seven units, reducing the pipeline laying demand by 60%, and reducing engineering, construction needs and leakage points. In addition, by identifying common and important components and conducting cost/risk analysis on these components, the capital expenditure of parts has been reduced by US $23million for end users

jackson added that project certainty can reduce dependence by improving cooperation, and adjust the automation scheme according to the progress of the whole project, so as to strengthen the flow of information. The author conducted a random investigation on the effective travel of the electronic tension machine currently sold in the market, reducing errors and rework, and thus reducing the complexity of the project. This means separating hardware and software that were tightly tied together in the past. Through it, many design and configuration tasks can be completed in the cloud of the virtual server, which helps the remote cooperation of the project, keeps the process automation away from the terrible critical path, and reduces the costly and time critical field operations

project complexity can also reduce project complexity by eliminating dependencies between suppliers, eliminating bottlenecks, and allowing parallel workflows. N reduced energy consumption by 100 million tons of standard coal, yquist explained. Similarly, we will adopt innovative technology to improve the complexity of data and archiving, which has the functions of unique project data source and automatic archiving

project data link

in fact, this technology with the only source is called project data link, which was also released on the opening day of the Emerson global user conference 2015. It is a project engineering environment. Finding the best materials in capital projects helps to reduce complexity and adapt to changes. With the increasing number of contractors and stakeholders, the project will become more and more complex. At this time, the project data link can continuously and efficiently convert the project information, including label database and instrument index, from multiple sources to project delivery objects, so as to make the project out of the critical path. It can reduce project risks by standardizing the specifications into a unique data source with traceability and an integrated change management system

Jackson reported that project certainty can continuously make automation out of the critical path, so as to adapt to later changes, and then help users adapt to the necessary changes by reducing the routine work usually required by these changes. The project data link can also allow multiple suppliers, engineering companies and other stakeholders to obtain project information, including specifications, control logic and configuration related to field equipment and distributed systems. In addition, it can standardize the data provided in various formats, so that all available information can be displayed in a unified and standardized format

because the integrity of project information is particularly important in the later project change process, it is necessary to constantly update the project data link; In this way, when changes occur, it will automatically match the information in the system, determine the information that needs to be changed, automatically send updated information to deltavdcs, and review and track the changed information. In the later stage of key projects, this can save time and reduce errors

users can quickly judge whether they have obtained the required data, quickly decide whether they need to change their production strategy, and save time and reduce planning and rework. Jackson added. In the past, during factory acceptance test (fat), everyone would gather together, so there might be 1200 people in the workshop, so the cost would be very high. Now, we can remotely check the hardware and software through virtual fat as soon as possible, which can significantly reduce the risk

intelligent debugging

finally, Emerson's third product released at the process meeting - intelligent debugging, which is a process assistance technology, can greatly save the time of automatic debugging and reduce the workload - which will play an auxiliary role in project certainty. Intelligent debugging can reduce the number of visits to the site, reduce the amount of tasks, and adapt to late project changes, so as to complete the automation project within the strict handover period. Intelligent debugging is the product of advanced technology. It integrates charm electronic wiring technology and AMS device manager software, which can separate the automation scheme from the critical path

with the release of DeltaV and amssuite version 13, intelligent debugging makes the implementation of automation projects easier. From the initial equipment connection to the final system test, users can save the time spent in automatic debugging activities, and the project schedule can be advanced several weeks, thus saving costs

after arriving at the project site, the pre marked smart device can be connected to any channel in the nearby junction box immediately, so there is no need to wait for the completion of wiring design. Intelligent debugging can also automatically search and identify all intelligent devices, and then bind the configuration to eliminate potential errors. In order to further accelerate the implementation of the project, all devices can be configured at the same time according to the pre configuration template. Using digital communication, the test can be carried out easily and safely in the control room, without the need for staff to confirm on site

intelligent debugging can reduce the debugging time. In the past, the conventional debugging time was 140 minutes, now it is 25 minutes, and in the future it will be 10 minutes. Jackson said

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