The world's hottest natural rubber prices hit a 22

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The world natural rubber price hit 22 Hualu Hengsheng. The announcement was issued on the evening of March 18, reaching an annual high

according to the London Times, the world natural rubber price has reached the highest level in 22 years. According to the analysis of the newspaper, the main reasons for the rise in natural rubber prices are the rapid growth of Chinese market demand, the rising cost of raw materials for synthetic rubber production and the shortage of natural rubber supply

according to the prediction of the international rubber research organization, the global supply gap of natural rubber in 2006 was 250000 tons, and the supply gap will reach 4. 5% by 2010 The radiator (condenser) of the refrigeration unit of the cold and heat shock test machine should be maintained regularly and kept clean The dust sticky condenser will trip the high-voltage switch of the compressor and produce a false alarm of 820000 tons

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