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Packaging and printing and other emerging industries have gradually become the leading industries of Zhongshan Development Zone

recently, the signing ceremony of Zhongshan Luojia industry university research base jointly built by Zhongshan national high tech Industrial Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as the Development Zone) and Wuhan University was held in the International Conference center of the development zone

this cooperation is a new attempt to build a collaborative innovation platform, support industrial development with science and technology, and explore a technology transfer mode integrating politics, industry, University, research and application. As a National Development Zone, Huoxin information industry is increasingly separated from new energy, biomedicine, electronic information, construction, transportation and other industries. The economic aggregate of the development zone has remained the first in Zhongshan for many consecutive years. The park is in a critical stage of industrial upgrading and transformation, with advanced equipment manufacturing, high-end electronic information, new energy and energy-saving equipment, biomedicine Emerging industries such as packaging and printing are gradually becoming the leading industries in the development of the park. Through industry university research cooperation, building an innovation platform and using brain to attract talents has become a core element and an important starting point to support enterprises in the park to smoothly realize industrial structure adjustment. The establishment of Zhongshan Luojia industry university research base will promote the integration of science and technology, talents, information and other resources of Wuhan University with the industry of the Development Zone, accelerate the industrialization of a number of advanced practical technologies, give play to the supporting and leading role of science and technology, and promote the Development Zone to continue to lead in the new round of industrial development. It is understood that this signing is an important measure to implement the comprehensive cooperation agreement signed between Zhongshan City and Wuhan University on March 28 this year. Since the signing of the agreement, Wuhan University has quickly established the technology transfer center of Zhongshan Wuhan University in Zhongshan City, and combined with the industrial development focus of Zhongshan City, it has mobilized various disciplinary resources and widely distributed in new materials, environmental protection, marine engineering and other industries, At the same time, Wuhan University has given full play to its advantages in the field of high-end talent training and Humanities and Social Sciences, carried out special research on the construction of public scientific and technological innovation platforms, actively integrated into local economic construction, actively tried a new mode of industry university research cooperation, which can complete the control function with a delicate body and abandon the connection of PC, and built a three-level industry university research cooperation network of cities, towns and districts, effectively promoting the industrial transformation and upgrading of Zhongshan

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