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Digital ink-jet printing, a rising star in the textile market, will become a general trend

at present, the digital ink-jet printing market is becoming more and more popular, even inconvenient and fast; Sellers of shaotaobao take "digital printing" as the keyword of clothing products

Li Li, deputy general manager of Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Co., Ltd., said, "nowadays, the fashion cycle of clothing is shortened, and the pattern changes a lot, and more and more consumers are pursuing unique fabric patterns. In order to meet the market demand, fabric manufacturers have developed a large number of patterns to provide clothing brands with choices, so that printing factories receive orders, reduce the batch size, and increase the variety."

traditional printing process consumes plate making cost and time. Small batch orders increase the cost of fabrics using traditional printing process and make it more difficult to receive orders. Digital ink-jet printing is not only accurate in color, but also natural and smooth in color transition. Although it is more expensive than ordinary flat printing, it is worth the money for consumers who pay attention to fashion

the popularity of digital printing is closely related to the popularity of fashion, and the market of digital ink-jet printing is also here

blow the "assembly number" of industrialization.

because of the high cost of digital ink-jet printing, in people's mind, digital ink-jet printing is only used as "printing proofing", which is a misunderstanding

"some people think that the mass production of digital ink-jet printing cannot achieve the effect of proofing, which is a misunderstanding." Li Li explained that first of all, it is certain that the mass production of digital ink-jet printing can achieve the same effect as that of proofing. Secondly, there are many factors that affect the proofing confirmation of digital printing. From the technical analysis, due to the different varieties and quantities of dyes, the colors of large and small samples are different; Customers' samples include paper samples, electronic documents or cloth samples, and whether customers have effectively confirmed them are all obstacles to digital printing proofing

for this reason, when digital printing is applied to proofing, the "shape" and "color" of the image must be properly processed, and the rip (raster image processor) software of digital printing is required to be constantly upgraded, which requires the support of technical conditions such as diverse color modes, diverse output modes, different density curves, ICC (device color characteristics) documents and rich inkjet quality control parameters. That is, we can consider many problems that may occur in mass production in advance, and take some processing methods for the color separation diagram of mass production to simulate the effect of mass production; Using a complete set of digital printing color cards that can not meet the requirements of high-precision measurement, establish different ink-jet methods, and need density curves and ICC files on different materials and under different environmental conditions. At the same time, we should establish a standardized working mode in order to do a good job in the industrialization of digital printing

digital printing is gradually changing from sporadic production to agglomeration and industrialization. According to insiders, at present, more than 90% of European printing enterprises have adopted digital printing proofing, realizing rapid reaction production while maintaining a clean environment. The high market share of digital printing in Europe is related to the fact that European textile enterprises take textile product design as the center. The design drawings provided by European designers can often be directly applied to the digital printing equipment system, which makes it convenient for designers to put forward modification opinions on the proofing effect of digital printing in time, which objectively promotes the improvement of pattern design level and the industrialization of digital printing

compared with the traditional printing process, the performance of digital printing in color, clarity and color gamut has indeed reached a height that traditional printing is difficult to achieve. However, many people in the industry also rationally believe that in the next few years, digital printing will not replace the traditional printing process on a large scale, but in terms of its testing process. In other words, digital printing and traditional printing technology will coexist for a long time and complement each other. Digital printing makes up for the technical defects and gaps in the traditional printing industry, and adapts to the international trend of personalized printing market. According to the prediction of insiders, digital printing will account for 20% - 30% of the printing market in the next few years. Compared with the current printing market, the digital printing market still has a lot of room for growth, and the domestic digital printing industry will have a big development

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