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Emerson Network power launched two series of embedded computers

Emerson Network power is one of the business departments of Emerson group (New York Stock Exchange code: EMR), which is in the key business full guarantee (business critica improve the resource and environment property right system L continuity #61652;) Companies that have been leading the industry in technology announced the launch of a series of new embedded computers, which are characterized by their applicability to a variety of different applications, including digital advertising boards, intelligent query machines, industrial control systems, road traffic management systems, hospital and clinic equipment, and digital security and monitoring systems. This series of embedded mini computers is based on the latest Intel (Intel #61650;) Processor, suitable for systems with long life and little or no maintenance

Emerson Network Energy launched two series of embedded computers code named kr8 and MCASE respectively. Kr8 series products have the advantages of small size, no cooling fan and metal chassis, which are suitable for installation on the screen or instrument. This series of noise free, maintenance free embedded computers are suitable for operating environments with standard temperature ranges and wider temperature ranges. MCASE series products are very cost-effective, and have the ability to expand and upgrade. This series of embedded computers are mostly air-cooled plastic chassis, and there are a variety of installation methods to choose from, suitable for the temperature environment from 0 ℃ to 35 ℃

Paul Virgo, marketing director of embedded computer business department of Emerson Network energy, said: whether you call it mini computer, embedded computer or industrial computer, Emerson Network Energy's new series of embedded computers can help customers quickly push products out of the market. We will integrate the motherboard based on the latest Intel processors with memory, hard disk and I/O, and install it in a suitable sealed box, so that customers who develop automation facilities, retail systems and medical devices can use this comprehensive embedded computer solution to quickly develop cost-effective products and deploy them as soon as possible, so as to reduce the risk of investment projects

kr and mcase-820 are the first two products of Emerson Network's new embedded computer series

kr is an embedded computer without cooling fan, which adopts Intel 61650 with main frequency of 1.0ghz; Atom #61652; E640 processor, 1GB DDR2 soldered random access memory (RAM), 250GB SATA hard disk or 64GB solid state hard disk, and microSD socket for expansion and mini PCI Express socket for wireless local area network (LAN). This series of embedded computers have a standard temperature range, which also determines the future of China and a wider temperature range. The wider temperature range version uses solid-state drives, which have no rotating mechanical parts at all. KR embedded computer can be installed in accordance with VESA bracket standard, so it is suitable for a variety of different installation environments. Coupled with its small and slim appearance, it is also suitable for installation on the wall or in large cabinets or inquiry machines

mcase-820 series embedded computer is based on Intel 61650; Second generation core 61652; I5 processor, 4GB DDR3 random access memory (RAM) and 320GB SATA hard disk not only have strong processing capacity, but also are equipped with sufficient storage capacity, so they can support advanced applications such as video analysis system and media control system. In addition, this series of embedded computers also have embedded graphics processing and multi-channel video output functions to choose from, so it is most suitable for electronic products that must be equipped with multiple screens. Mcase-820 series embedded computers have obtained Intel 61650; vPro #61652; System integrators and service providers can make full use of the reliable tools provided to enhance the security of applications and add remote management functions for real-time and accurate records

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