Emerson launched intelligent network converter for

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Emerson has launched intelligent network converter for DeltaV

Emerson Process Management Company has newly launched a new type of intelligent network converter, which is specially designed for plug and play equipment of DeltaV digital system network. These new products are completely pre configured in DeltaV network, and users do not need special settings. In addition, the new product provides an easy-to-use, safe and secure feature to help users avoid illegal 2. Anti destructive performance experiment network connection

Emerson intelligent converter includes software specially designed to provide switch monitoring function and safety. They used Emerson's one click to the end software security feature

deltav converters use wired and optical fiber communication to provide users with megabit and Gigabit speeds, and all have the following similarities: vanadium flow batteries are expected to become popular in vanadium utilization, providing from 8-slot DIN rail fixed converters to modular 24 rack fixed converters with 8 wired slots. These DIN rail and rack mounted 4th fixed converters provide modular solutions, so users can optimize the cost and packaging to more accurately meet the specific needs of customers

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