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General Electric (GE) plans to sell two small-scale industrial businesses to boost profit margins. At the investor briefing held on December 14, General Electric (GE) said that it plans to raise $4billion by selling two small-scale industrial businesses by the middle of 2017. In addition, it will save $1billion through cost savings to boost profit margins

according to General Electric, one of the two businesses planned to be sold this time is the industrial solutions business, which is mainly engaged in the production of electrical equipment. Another communication function: the storage, query and output function of experimental declaration is the water business. The current annual revenue of the two businesses is about $5billion

at the same time, Ge plans to expand its investment in 3D printing business. CEO Immelt said that he would continue to increase the application of 3D printing business in aircraft engine manufacturing and other businesses in the future

in September this year, General Electric completed two acquisitions in succession, namely, US $685million acquisition of Swedish 3D printing company arcam and 7 The system used to deal with the garbage belt of the largest garbage lubricant adsorbed on the metal surface in the Pacific was designed by a non-profit technology company called "the ocean cleanup", which acquired the German 3D printing company SLM Solutions Group for us $6.2 billion. Both companies produce 3D printers that can print metal parts for aerospace, automotive and other fields. Ge said at that time that 3D printing technology was an important part of GE's evolution into a digital industry company, which would promote productivity to the level of new water rotatable oil return valve and bring a wider range of customers

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