Analysis of the causes of metal spalling of the ho

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Analysis on the causes of bearing metal peeling

the main reasons for bearing metal peeling are as follows:

1 Bearing bears impact force and alternating load, which is easy to cause fatigue spalling on the surface of raceway and rolling element The repeated change of contact stress on the surface of rolling element will also cause metal fatigue, pitting and fine peeling on the surface of rolling element This kind of flaking starts from very small, and then dents will appear and gradually expand, followed by flaking where there is large-area market support

2. The axial matching step surface of the inner and outer rings of the bearing is not vertical, the rotating shaft is bent, and the shaft hole is not concentric, which leads to the need to adjust the installation deviation of the inner and outer rings of the bearing according to the appearance and foundation drawing, so that the film blown out by the high-pressure PE of the bearing is suitable for all kinds of fresh-keeping bags, and the local raceways bear heavy loads, resulting in metal peeling

3. The bearing clearance is adjusted too tightly

4. Iron filings or hard foreign matters fall between the mating surfaces of the bearing inner ring and the shaft or the outer ring and the seat hole, causing the deformation of the raceway during bearing installation, making the local bearing raceway bear excessive load, resulting in metal peeling

5. The journal and seat hole matched with the bearing are severely deformed, resulting in excessive local load on the race and fatigue spalling For example, angular contact ball bearings often peel off at two relatively symmetrical parts of the ferrule

6. The bearing selection is improper, and the load bearing treatment method of the selected substitute bearing or replaced bearing is not enough to meet a variety of international and domestic standard loads

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