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GE's network marketing strategy

from the last century to the present, it is rare to become a world-class enterprise, and the United States General Electric Company is really a century old store. General Electric Company is one of the most powerful multinational enterprises in the world and the largest diversified multinational group in the world. It has established a world recognized leading position in many aspects. Its enterprises are all over the world, spanning different languages and cultures, and its 11 subordinate business groups have been at the forefront of the times. At present, General Electric Company is the only enterprise still on the list since the establishment of Dow Jones industrial index in 1896, and has been listed as the top of the world's outstanding companies by many authoritative institutions: including the most respected company in the United States named by Fortune magazine, the financial times, the world's most respected company, and Forbes magazine, the top of the global super 50. In the World Investment Report 2000 issued by the United Nations Conference on Trade and development, it ranked first with us $128.6 billion in overseas assets. Why can ge maintain such a long-term vitality? Especially when the new economic era comes, general electric company not only does not show the slightest old attitude, but also shows vitality. Especially since the 1980s, GE has made a large-scale strategic transformation from manufacturing to service industry. GE's foresight and achievements are amazing

General Electric Company has always believed that enterprises should not only be among the best in the U.S. market, but also among the best in the world. As early as the early 1980s, General Electric Company predicted that there would be no national boundaries in the future market, and the market would gradually change from a national market to a world market. Therefore, the changes of enterprises must keep up with the changes of the market, otherwise they will be eliminated by the market. Although the manufacturing industry of general electric company still performed well and made high profits in the early 1980s, there have been omens in the market. No matter which country in the world, the hardware production capacity has been increasingly strengthened, and it is easy to improve the hardware production capacity. But the success of hardware production is not equal to the success of enterprises. When the product quality of most enterprises is almost the same, the competition will be reflected in the service. The quality of service will be different in different enterprises. Enterprises will pay more and more attention to service and service quality. The market is more and more inclined to service. If you don't pay attention to service, you can't keep up with the pace of the market. Therefore, the decision-making must be ahead of the market, which is the most critical to running an enterprise. The transformation of the company must be ahead of the market. When the market forces you to go, it is too late. For General Electric Company, the most basic principle of enterprise success is market and customer. If you don't follow the market and customers, you will fail. Other problems are at the executive level. From manufacturing industry to service industry, and then to e-commerce, they all follow the market step by step, and general electric company also changes with the change of market customers, but the change is completed before the market changes

for such an enterprise with two intangible assets that any enterprise envies (noble pedigree of scientific and technological inventions and good reputation among the public), what kind of marketing concept should be used to organize its station? Propaganda station is an early form of enterprise station. In essence, it is the extension of traditional enterprise advertising. It does not provide customers with shopping decision-making information or services, nor does it go deep into the enterprise operation level, especially the value-added service level for customers. Such stations can generally be made and published according to enterprise information. However, once any enterprise station transforms to customer service and goes deep into the marketing and service level, it needs to do a lot of meticulous work on the ground without resistance, and many jobs cannot be replaced by others. Ge makes full use of these two valuable intangible assets and closely integrates them with its products and services

on the front pages of General Electric, pictures that can reflect the development and invention of science and technology or full of family affection are adopted, which is the motto of General Electric. The precise, clear and regular pages vertically and horizontally indicate that as a high-tech enterprise, it has been indomitable and organized since the Edison era. General Electric plays a role in dissolving customers' vigilance, eliminating the distance between enterprises and customers, and arousing their inner resonance in network marketing. This idea is successful in network marketing, and it transcends the differences in nationality, national boundaries, language, wealth and cultural background

in the current situation of products flooding the market and sites flooding the network, there are hundreds of product pages to be selected for each type. The vigorous development of e-commerce has made customers in various countries more and more accustomed to shopping by browsing product pages. For customers, it is mainly to obtain product information, decide whether to buy or not, and which kind of product to buy. From the perspective of marketing, Ge station is more considerate and delicate for customers. In addition to the above psychological foreshadowing, a lot of preparatory work has also been done when recommending products to customers. GE's understanding of network marketing is reflected in: providing more information to customers, giving play to the unique and irreplaceable role of network marketing, and making the promotion process more natural and reasonable. The important enlightenment here is that the information provided to customers is not limited to enterprise, product or service information, but the important thing is to provide them with decision-making information when shopping. The more and more detailed this kind of information is provided, the stronger the marketing role of the station will be. The living environment varies with customer groups in different countries; The more targeted the positioning is, the narrower the customer group may be, but the higher the local success rate is. In fact, the kitchen/restaurant design drawings, product grades and prices currently displayed by GE are mainly aimed at the middle class, and these design schemes may deter customers with slightly poor economic conditions. But it should at least be in the leading customer base, and the marketing plan it provides is more detailed and comprehensive, which is enough to maintain its competitive advantage. At the same time, everyone can see that if Ge intends to compete for low-cost household appliances and explore the home market of different classes abroad, it can design a similar set of renderings according to the principle of domestic customer segmentation in the target market. In this way, the power of its network marketing model is quite terrible

Recently, network economists increasingly agree with this view: anyone visiting a site is actually an investment behavior, that is, at that time, we should unify the investment process of thinking, money and attention based on two documents. In this case, he has the right to get the return and get the information or value-added services he needs, otherwise he will continue to adhere to the stable promotion trend forever. Therefore, the designer, producer, evaluator or acceptor of the enterprise station should repeatedly study a theme, that is, what substantive benefits can this frame and this column bring to customers? The reason why Ge stations are successful is that they provide all kinds of renderings that people can't see centrally in ordinary shopping malls. After customers see these schemes, they are more or less inspired to decorate their families. When customers visit this practical station, they will feel that the time, money and attention they spend are worth it

Ge establishes a cross industry supermarket. In this supermarket, merchants can place orders, store and transport goods, track goods, and also check the catalogue of goods and provide auction services. This is a cross industry supermarket, which users can watch through the web browser, which saves the settled businesses from manufacturing their own web trading system. In addition, users can also easily move their trading system to this supermarket

GE has also established a general global exchange system to establish an interconnected B2B market. It is estimated that by 2004, the transaction volume will reach $2.7 trillion. Although GE's competitors hope to establish a similar model to compete with Ge, GE has its own advantages: it can use its existing system to integrate about 100000 partners (they have not yet used interconnection) into this system, so that it can sit firmly in the top position

Ge supply department, the Distribution Department of electronic, voice and data products of Ge (with a market value of US $2billion), recently joined the industry of macro channel users and built its e-commerce station with macro channel's one-to-one enterprise solution. With the help of Hongdao's B2B business and content management application system, Ge supply department can show different pages to different users, and each user can enjoy customized services according to their industry characteristics and demand information. Using the application system of Hongdao command center together with the community management program of Ge supply department, the content and featured products of the station can be created and updated at an amazing speed, providing cross industry personalized e-commerce services. The highly personalized front end is seamlessly integrated with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system of Ge supply department, user service center and various business divisions. Ge supply department provides rapid ordering, tracking, evaluation functions and personalized services. Each scale of Rockwell hardness has a practical scope of application to help customers identify, select and purchase the most effective solutions suitable for their business needs. The open and sound structure of Hongdao products enables Ge supply department to quickly deploy new functions and features according to customers' needs, and allows users to receive content through wireless devices using XML technology. GE's supply department is currently considering further introducing Hongdao's bill solutions and providing services to users outside the United States by taking advantage of Hongdao's product support for multiple languages

one of the secrets of the company's success is that it pays great attention to the selection and training of leadership talents. With the help of Internet talents, it is also a goal of Ge station. Therefore, GE has specially established a resume center to attract talents from all over the world

in the 17th century, Europeans frantically sought a perpetual motion machine that could never stop, trying to obtain an inexhaustible power source, but failed because it violated the most basic physical laws. Now people expect to make the enterprise obtain the power of long-term development, and where is this power? General electric company has given us an answer, which is what Welch said: enterprises should follow the market and go ahead of the market. But people will feel that the answer is the same whether to say it or not, because no one knows what direction the market will change. Finally, we have to explore by ourselves. It's like entrepreneurs are looking for solutions to enterprise problems, but what they get is still a philosophical proposition

but can't philosophy solve the problem? What wisdom produces is philosophy, and what knowledge produces is method. Just like decision-making and implementation in enterprises, both of them are indispensable for the long-term development of enterprises. Knowledge is not equal to wisdom. In enterprise management, the role of wisdom is more important, just like what Buddhism says, "Enlightenment". Only with enlightenment can we know how to use knowledge and technology. GE's corporate culture full of wisdom may be the driving force for the continuous progress of the enterprise

a successful enterprise station is an organic combination of technology, art and marketing strategy. A good enterprise station should show its clear structure, organization, page style and hierarchical relationship

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