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On November 17, the general equipment for power transmission and transformation engineering of national power company (2009 Edition), which is mainly dependent on people, was officially released. Hexcel has a long history of supplying components for space projects, which is another important achievement of the company's standardization construction

"general equipment" is a unified specification formulated by the company for the main electrical equipment of substations. The "general equipment (3.175mm steel ball, 2009 Edition)" was jointly studied and prepared by 13 units organized by the capital construction Department of the company, covering 12 types of equipment such as transformers, circuit breakers and high-voltage switchgear in 110 kV ~ 500 kV substations. The equipment types were merged and optimized, the general interchangeability of equipment was realized, and the unified technical specifications were completed "Four Unifications" of unified electrical interface, unified secondary interface and unified civil engineering interface

for a long time, the design unit should carry out the construction drawing design according to the external dimensions and installation interface drawings and other data provided by the bid winning equipment enterprise. By unifying the specifications of equipment installation interface and other aspects, the same kind of equipment provided by different manufacturers can be interchangeable. As long as the equipment model is determined, the construction drawing design can be carried out synchronously with the equipment bidding and procurement, so that the project cycle can be shortened by more than one month on average, and the spare parts can be reduced at the same time

general equipment (2009 Edition) reasonably configures and optimizes the parameters of various types of equipment, forming 126 types of general equipment that are more reliable. At present, the company has issued documents requiring the comprehensive promotion and application of this achievement in the process of system planning, engineering design, bidding and procurement

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