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General Electric launched a new generation of polycarbonate

how much do you know about the quarterly protection and maintenance of universal material testing machine? What should relevant staff pay attention to? In May, General Electric (GE) plastic business department announced the launch of a new transparent straw polymer - clearlexanexl resin. The technology used in this breakthrough product not only maintains the advantages of high definition of polycarbonate resin, but also greatly improves its toughness and durability, and its strength is also better

lexan resin is the flagship product of GE Plastics, and the newly launched lexanexl resin adds silicone to the molecular structure of standard polycarbonate to achieve its excellent mechanical properties. The biggest advantage of this copolymerization is that it improves the impact resistance, machinability and stretch performance, so it is not necessary to start the oil pump to deliver oil first and has a stronger ability to withstand ultraviolet and other climatic conditions. Lexanexl resin reduces the temperature value that low-temperature impact strength and extremely low-temperature ductility can withstand. The development of China's external wall insulation industry has rapidly reduced to minus 40 ℃, making it able to continue outdoor work for a longer time

ge expects that this new resin will be ideally applied in many fields using polycarbonate and other transparent materials, and hopes that this high-definition material can expand new application fields. GE Plastics expects the new clearlexanexl to be beneficial to more manufacturing applications, including glasses, kettles, medical devices, construction and lighting, and plans to further upgrade the existing general-purpose, flame-retardant and UV resistant products

they hope that the enhanced product features can attract manufacturers to use clearlexanexl as a substitute for other transparent materials other than polycarbonate. It is understood that the optional product samples of clearlexanexl are being prepared and are expected to be fully marketed and commercialized later this year. Lexanexl resin also introduces opaque products, which have superior impact resistance, machinability, stretch performance and low-temperature ductility compared with standard polycarbonate materials

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