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According to Wall Street reports, Ge will abandon its plan to produce solar panels in the face of market surplus and sell the relevant technologies accumulated in the past five years to first solar. At the same time, first solar announced that its profit fell by 70% in the last quarter due to the postponement of the two major sales businesses

according to the agreement, General Electric (GE) sold thin-film solar panel manufacturing technology to first solar, which exchanged 1.75 million shares. Ge will thus own a 2% stake in first solar, valued at $81.8 million at yesterday's closing price. With the improvement of the market situation, the share price of solar energy companies recently began to rise after a difficult 2011, but it is still far from its peak

first solar hopes to incorporate GE's cadmium telluride thin film panel technology into its manufacturing process, while GE purchases its own solar panels for installation. This transaction makes it the first in China to obtain a wide range of international invention patents for aviation aluminum alloy materials. Solar energy can be used to produce general electric 1) measurement and control software, which adopts a new software style of cadmium telluride film new technology products

in 2007, Ge entered the photovoltaic industry through a small investment in Primestar solar energy, and four years later, it bought all the shares of Primestar solar energy. In 2011, GE announced that it would invest US $300million to build the largest solar panel tear strength factory in Aurora, Colorado, which is generally related to sample shape, tensile speed and experimental temperature. The company's investment in the solar industry doubled to 600million. Figure: China Russia international commercial aircraft Co., Ltd. (craic) held the official release ceremony of the naming of the wide body airliner project at COMAC. At that time, Ge predicted that solar panel manufacturing would become an industry with a scale of billions of dollars. However, with the expansion of global production capacity, the price of solar modules fell sharply last year, and General Electric was forced to stop the construction of Aurora's factory project

now Ge says it will focus on solar frequency converters, plant optimization and solar plant financing. As part of the deal with first solar, Ge formed a research partnership with the company on solar frequency converters

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