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Cause analysis of flat printing off and pasting

5 blanket

1) uneven blanket. When the cushion of the blanket is uneven or the wrapping is not tight, and there is virtual looseness, the fixture of all pin samples can be rotated out of its locked horizontal position during the experiment, and its surface will bulge, and abnormal woodworking hammer friction will occur during imprinting, which will damage the printing plate film, resulting in plate falling and pasting. At the same time, due to the virtual looseness of the blanket, it is also easy to cause the printing ghosting fault similar to the paste shape

2) the rubber blanket is aged and hardened. If the blanket is used for a long time, it will harden the material, increase the friction of the plate during embossing, damage the facial mask layer of the plate, and also cause the phenomenon of plate dropping and pasting

3) wrong direction of rubber cloth thread? The transverse strands of the blanket are easy to be stretched and deform. If they are used for the circumferential Baole of the drum body, it is easy to have virtual looseness due to extrusion and elongation during the printing process. The raised part of the blanket is not in close contact with the drum, and it is easy to produce sliding friction and extrusion during imprinting, resulting in the loss of version? The occurrence of paste and ghosting failures

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