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General Electric announced the launch of network communication platform

General Electric Company (hereinafter referred to as GE) recently announced the launch of an end-to-end, industrial network communication platform grid IQ?, The platform supports advanced measurement infrastructure (AMI, so its development is still in an immature stage), data acquisition and monitoring control system (SCADA) and other key applications in electric automation communication. It is rugged and designed for harsh environments. It can not only meet the growing needs of users for a single network supporting multiple electrical applications, but also meet a series of urgent needs of utility companies, such as simplifying operations, reducing overall operations and capital expenditures, and making full use of traditional networks and terminal devices

in order to strengthen all aspects of electricity, GE has been committed to providing innovative solutions for utility companies for more than 125 years. As the company has been highly recognized by the 5th national random inspection group, utility companies are gradually moving towards the next generation of enhanced electricity. Ge is very happy to continue to provide solutions to meet their key requirements for scalability, security and reliability. Tom Mueller, manager of industrial communication products of Ge digital energy, said that the grid IQ network communication platform aims to provide utility companies with an application that can span multiple electricity Edge devices and multifunctional networks of various communication types

with the grid IQ network communication single block value not less than the platform, utility companies around the world can adopt large-scale advanced metering infrastructure, data acquisition and monitoring control systems, and other electrical automation communication applications. This IP based network infrastructure adopts unified standards to connect existing and emerging advanced metering infrastructure, data acquisition and monitoring control systems and other communication applications of electric automation, The specific procedures include:

large capacity optical fiber and microwave backhaul

scalable wireless broadband communication using industrial WiMAX Technology

expanded coverage edge wireless access equipment

field related equipment supporting traditional equipment

a simple network management protocol (SNMP), continuous All components of the grid IQ network communication platform, which actively manages and maintains, are designed for industrial application and deployment in harsh environments to help utility companies meet the North American Electrical Reliability Association's critical infrastructure protection standard (nerc-cip), and are based on standards at all levels

ge is carrying out digital energy business worldwide, promoting the modernization of electricity through advanced technology and improving its reliability and efficiency to meet the energy challenges of the 21st century

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