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On March 1, Chen Xiangli, President of Ge China R & D center, said in an exclusive interview after attending a conference in Beijing that GE's R & D investment in China will reach $500million in, of which new materials have water resistance and chemical resistance, and will not be less than $100million in 2011

at present, we have established three R & D centers in China, Shenyang, Xi'an and Chengdu. New R & D centers will be established in the second half of this year and next year, and 600 R & D personnel may be recruited in central and southern cities by the end of this year. In the next step, we will continue to increase cooperation with domestic enterprises, and it is not ruled out that we will choose some M & A targets. Chen Xiangli said

the viscosity of the oil must be adjusted. According to the third public report of the media, General Electric announced in January 2011 that it was preparing to build the world's first innovation center of General Electric in Chengdu, which is expected to start operation within the year

he also said that at the beginning of this year, General Electric (GE) and AVIC signed a contract to jointly establish an avionics joint venture in Chicago. Avionics is a key direction of our future development. The company is committed to establishing a world leading avionics supplier

according to the information provided by GE, by the end of 2009, Ge green vision had invested more than $5billion in global R & D, and an additional $10billion would be used for R & D by 2015

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