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According to Reuters 28, Ge plans to cut about 1000 jobs in France, which may lead to conflicts with the French government, which has always insisted on ensuring employment

the first quarter financial report released by General Electric at the beginning of this month shows that the company has good flexibility. At the same time, its revenue is $27.3 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 2%, while its operating cash flow is only $88.4 million, highlighting tight liquidity

The Associated Press reported last Wednesday that GE expects to lose up to $2billion in cash this year, and it will take at least three years for the company to stop cash outflows

JPMorgan Chase's latest stock rating for General Electric was underweight, and the target price fell to $5. Stephen Tusa, an analyst at JPMorgan Chase, said,

Wall Street overestimated the free cash flow scale of General Electric in the next few years, because Ge capital needs more cash to solve the continuing problems of the Financial Services Department. If the economy is in recession, Ge is prone to liquidity problems, or needs to sell the remaining assets of Ge medical business, but this may dilute profits

in the past two years, the profits of GE's core power business have fallen sharply, coupled with the losses of its GE Capital subsidiary. For example, if you only need 5kg of pull, you need 200kg of pull, so the test results must be inaccurate. Because the difference is too far, this does not mean that the test cannot be done, it can be done, but the test results are inaccurate If customers have high requirements, they will generally choose servo tensile testing machine. The test results are relatively accurate because of the high accuracy. If customers have no requirements, they will generally choose ordinary tensile testing machine, which is only for those products with low requirements Loss, making the company's performance has been struggling

General Electric, which is in trouble, has also been slimming down over the years. The most recent was in February this year, when GE announced that it would sell its biopharmaceutical business to Danaher, an American investment company, for $21.4 billion

according to the plan announced by John Flannery, the former CEO of General Electric, in June 2018, General Electric will divest three business segments: medical treatment, oil and gas, and transportation, and focus on aviation, power generation, and new energy in the future. Among the three separated sectors, the medical business will be listed independently, the shares of the oil and gas business will be sold within two to three years, and the transportation business will be merged with Westinghouse brake

even Larry cup, the first CEO of General Electric to parachute in 126 years, failed to pull this century old store out of the quagmire

as of the close on the 24th, GE's share price was $9.45, down 27% since Culp took office in October last year, and has already halved from the company's high in July 2016

wall street news previously mentioned that GE promised to create 1000 new jobs for France by the end of 2018, but failed to achieve it, so it will face a fine of 50million euros (US $57million)

the statement of the French Ministry of finance, compared with other refrigerants with low global warming potential, shows that the reform of the energy market and the acceleration of energy transformation have seriously limited the market demand for gas turbines, which is the main reason why Ge cannot achieve its employment goals. The company has also confirmed that this fine of 50million euros will be used to invest in a state-owned fund aimed at promoting industrial development

General Electric has nearly 16000 employees in France. Since the acquisition of the power and electricity business of Alstom, a local company, the company has invested nearly 1billion euros

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