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The general agent of Shandong Toyota forklift meets your needs for forklifts

the general agent of Shandong Toyota forklift meets your needs for forklifts

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in early August, the survey results of the global forklift supplier rankings launched by the authoritative American magazine modern logistics handling magazine were fresh. Toyota forklift has taken the top position again, which has been the world's largest sales volume of Toyota forklift for 9 consecutive years

then we learned about the sales of Toyota forklift trucks in Shandong from Shandong Henghua logistics equipment Co., Ltd., the general agent of Toyota forklift trucks in Shandong. The person in charge of the company introduced to us that Shandong Henghua logistics equipment Co., Ltd. has been responsible for the general agent of Toyota forklift trucks in Shandong for 9 years, and is fully responsible for the related work of complete vehicles, accessories, technical support and after-sales service in Shandong

according to the sales statistics of Henghua logistics equipment, the sales volume of Toyota forklift this year has increased significantly compared with the same period last year. With the development of logistics and warehousing companies focusing on the research and development of copper based powder new materials, the development of forklift market has been promoted. With the continuous acceleration of industrialization, new urbanization, informatization and agricultural modernization, new consumption and investment hotspots will continue to be excavated and replaced, and the demand for forklifts will increase. However, with the development of the market, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality and function of forklifts. Toyota forklifts occupy a large market in the forklift industry because of their advantages in quality, type and function, so as to meet the consumer psychology of users

the person in charge of Henghua logistics equipment introduced to us: Toyota forklifts have a wide range of types, mainly covering internal-combustion forklifts, electric forklifts, forward forklifts, pallet trucks, civil aircraft material system built by the traction alliance, including four categories of vehicles, including metal, composite materials, functional non-metal and standard parts, stackers and other special vehicles for logistics and storage. It can meet the needs of all kinds of users

the safety and durability of Toyota forklift has been highly praised by customers and industry insiders. It is understood that Toyota electric stacker has been used for 22 years, and internal combustion forklift can be used for 32 years. Since it began to manufacture forklifts in 1956, Toyota has regarded durability and safety as one of the most important properties. With its super durability, Toyota forklift has an excellent reputation in the huge used car market, which also explains why the price of Toyota forklift is relatively high

Toyota forklift has a very perfect after-sales service system. Toyota forklift often carries out systematic training on vehicle disassembly for dealers' after-sales service personnel, and ensures to provide customers with higher quality professional services by improving their skill level

Shandong Henghua logistics equipment Co., Ltd. has a modern management system that can overcome the obstacles in the commercialization and utilization of graphene, a good sales environment and a perfect after-sales service center. Relying on the brand quality assurance of Toyota forklift, the company will continue to improve its business level and meet the growing diversified needs of customers

Shandong Henghua logistics equipment has also launched a one-stop comprehensive business of sales, leasing and second-hand replacement of original imported second-hand Toyota forklifts to meet customers' needs for forklift use to the greatest extent. Shandong Henghua logistics equipment provides customers with one-stop nanny service to make customers worry free and satisfied

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