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Internet finance has become a must for e-commerce in recent years. Taobao, jd.com and Tencent have stepped in one after another, and Suning is unwilling to follow. Recently, it officially launched an Internet home decoration loan product “ Wayward beauty ”, Directly challenge traditional home decoration loan products

“ Wayward beauty ” At present, it has been piloted in Nanjing and Guangzhou and will be extended to the whole country next year. Its characteristics are: as long as you own a real estate locally, sign a decoration contract with a designated decoration company, and have a good credit record, you can get a decoration loan of up to 400000 yuan, and it is 12 periods of interest free, handling fee free and down payment free “ Three zero installments ”. It is reported that “ Wayward beauty ” It has been piloted in Nanjing and Guangzhou and will be extended to the whole country next year

you can borrow up to 400000 yuan and enjoy 12 interest free periods

released yesterday “ Wayward beauty ” It has the characteristics of Internet finance. According to reports, consumers can apply online through PC or mobile terminals, and provide local property certificates, identity certificates and contracts with decoration companies. They can go to the stores of Suning consumer finance company to apply for loans on site, and they can make loans as soon as 10 minutes. Moreover, the product supports the joint application of both husband and wife. If both husband and wife apply at the same time with the family as the unit, they can obtain a maximum loan limit of 400000 yuan

in addition, in terms of interest rates, “ Wayward beauty ” Also overcome “ High interest rate ” Hard wound. At present, “ Wayward beauty ” Support 12 periods “ Zero down payment, zero interest rate, zero handling fee ” Three zero installment of. That is, the applicant only needs to repay the principal every month within one year without any additional cost

“ For consumers who choose 12 installments, if they still have repayment pressure, ‘ Wayward beauty ’ It also provides a more flexible way of staging, up to 60 periods& rdquo; According to Suning consumer finance company, even if you apply for more than 12 installment loans, you can still enjoy interest free for the first 12 installments. Since the 13th month, the minimum loan interest is only 0.498%, completely “ Second kill ” At present, similar credit products are available in the market

the first phased payment mode

it is understood that home decoration is settled in stages according to the progress of the project, which is intimate “ Wayward beauty ” Accordingly, a phased payment mode was created: consumers can pay according to the actual decoration stage, and the unused amount does not charge interest, which is more friendly to the people than traditional financial institutions that calculate interest according to the loan amount




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