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Family diversity must be very luxurious, but it must be energy-saving, safe, comfortable and healthy. Guanhao doors and windows focuses on high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. The profiles are carefully selected, and technically useless. Everywhere, it shows Weigao's exquisite details and texture, creating an ideal home day for you. Let Guanhao door and window editor introduce to us

I. energy conservation

how important is energy conservation of doors and windows to energy conservation of buildings

doors and windows are the opening and lighting part of the building, which is the thinnest link of the whole building. The energy lost through doors and windows accounts for 45% - 50% of the construction energy consumption. For household energy saving, doors and windows are the key

Guanhao doors and windows - three-layer insulating glass structure and T-shaped thermal insulation strip of tenor wind are selected, which greatly improves the thermal insulation performance of the product and prevents severe temperature difference. Keeping warm in winter and insulating in summer can not only save energy, but also maintain a comfortable indoor temperature all the time, so that you and your family can enjoy a warm climate like spring

II. Noise reduction

a few days ago, the Ministry of environmental protection reported that 1/4 of the national urban sound monitoring at night was unqualified, which means that 1/4 of the national cities sleep in noise. "Watching the surging river in the morning and enjoying the sunset in the evening", the beautiful vision when buying a house and choosing a house was made sleepless by the noise of the truck every night; In the middle of the night, the advertising documents to be handed in in time were disturbed by the roar of machines near the construction site, and there was no idea... This is the most common ubiquitous urban noise

noise is everywhere, and it is very difficult to solve it. As the primary channel for noise to enter the room, the improvement of doors and windows is particularly important. Weigao doors and windows has always been committed to depicting quality days. Guanhao energy-saving silent doors and windows can give you a quiet and comfortable space less than 30 dB

III. safety

for burglaries, they all happen through doors and windows. The light ones lose their assets, and the heavy ones hurt people, which has something to do with the thick profiles of doors and windows, the simple glass and the simple accessories. Therefore, it is also very important to select standardized door and window manufacturers and qualified door and window supporting products

Guanhao steel mesh - made of 304 stainless steel wire, and electrostatic spraying is adopted for surface protection. 304 stainless steel mesh has strong impact resistance, anti-theft, bullet proof, mosquito proof, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, etc., high strength, strong resistance, and beautiful appearance color, which can better add air circulation rate and sunlight. Its obvious feature is that it is as solid as iron plate, and it is the first choice for safety protection at home and workplace

IV. comfortable

with the increasing improvement of everyone's living standards, everyone hopes to live a comfortable and healthy life. But the outdoor haze is rampant, and the indoor windows are also in danger. Opening windows for ventilation, which is a normal behavior on weekdays, has become a hot question in haze days, so choosing excellent anti haze doors and windows to prevent haze has become a pressing need

v. personality

with the changes of the times, everyone's beauty is also getting higher and higher. However, some people spend hundreds of thousands of yuan to decorate their houses, but in the end, they don't want it for themselves. When they open the window cloth, they always feel that some places are disharmonious. It is precisely the color harmony of doors and windows and the personality of doors and windows. So when you buy doors and windows, you must pay attention to whether they are harmonious and common with family decoration, with perfect details and common personality. If you want to have a fashionable and warm home, of course, you can't make do with the style of doors and windows

Guanhao doors and windows provide you with a variety of color matching plans. First, put forward the promotion form of private customization to meet the personalized needs of young spending groups. The brand market positioning of Weigao doors and windows is medium and high-end, which is in line with your search for excellent days and brings you the warmest and most comfortable care. It is a successful life description with sophistication and prudence, moderation and prudence

VI. conclusion

don't come to find out after the installation is finished. The doors and windows you buy are not sound proof or heat insulated; Don't wait to pay the electricity bill to find that the windows and doors you buy are not energy-saving; Don't wait for the window to be pried by the thief before finding out that the doors and windows you bought are not burglarproof; Don't compare it with the damage of your family and the loss of your industry, and then you will be annoyed that you are greedy for small things and suffer heavy losses; It's really necessary to buy a good door and window that is sound proof, heat insulation and comfortable against theft





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