10 basic essentials for purchasing water treatment

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As the current market of water purification products is mixed, most consumers know little about water purification products, and many people are confused when buying water purification products

due to the current mixed market of water purification products, most consumers have little understanding of water purification products, and many people are confused when buying water purification products. Xiaobian here lists 10 basic essentials of water treatment purchase to ensure that you buy the most suitable, reliable and cost-effective products and services

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1 it is best to know the water source and quality of your place in advance

in order to ensure that the sales agency recommends products for you, it is recommended that you know the water source and water quality of your place before purchasing water purification products. If you don't know the water quality, consult your service provider to provide you with water quality testing services (customers such as water softeners, central water purifiers, etc.)

2 know the problems you need to solve, the average daily water consumption/the number of water points, and choose the type of products you need to buy

the average daily water consumption/the number of water points/the number of residents are the main basis for determining the product model you need to buy. Please roughly know your average daily water consumption, the number of residents and other information before buying

3 understand the installation method and installation space of water pipes/cabinets in your home

if you are or have not been decorated, you should determine the scheme and design requirements of water purification products before hydropower transformation, and reserve space and space according to the corresponding requirements; If you have finished the decoration, you need to determine whether there is a corresponding installation space according to the actual situation in your home. (customers who buy water purifiers do not need to consider the installation space, but can generally install them)

4 roughly determine your purchase budget

after roughly determining the type of water purification equipment, you need to roughly determine your purchase budget, select the most appropriate product according to the budget, and do not blindly pursue large and complete functions. Practicality and affordability are the best choice

5 understand the characteristics, working principles and prices of various brands of products under this product type

next, you need to understand the working principle, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, price and other information of various brands of water purification equipment, comprehensively weigh and compare, and choose the most suitable product




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