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Let ordinary things show extraordinary beauty, and let every item become an inspiration and inspiration prop at work, so how to build such a workshop? Come and have a look

three colors in the same relatively enclosed space, including ceiling, wall, floor and furniture. The living room and the master room can have different colors in different systems, but if the living room and the dining room are connected, they are regarded as the same space

skillfully using colors and paying attention to lighting can make the workplace more interesting. Light colors, light colored furniture and sufficient light sources create a relaxed environment

red color design, stripes and scarlet hues are easy to match. Just pay attention to adding a little contrast, such as the brown wallboard and black stool in the picture. A new feature arises spontaneously

black and white, create a rigorous and serious working atmosphere, and work harder

does this colorful small leisure area make you feel good? Take a closer look. In fact, the tone of the space itself is very neutral, with brown furniture and elegant white walls





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