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Guangdong is in short supply of automobile coating technicians. August 16, 2004. Recently, the "shortage of migrant workers" and "difficulty in recruiting workers" in Guangdong have been frequently reported in the newspapers. Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Labor Employment Service Management Center has made an indirect correction: in addition to the shortage of workers caused by wages and other reasons in some enterprises, on the whole, the supply and demand of Guangdong's labor force has remained balanced, There is no "shortage of migrant workers" or "difficulty in recruiting workers". Last week, the Guangzhou Ministry of labor also stated that there was no "shortage of migrant workers" in the price reduction of mainstream steel mills in Northeast Guangzhou

according to the one-sided survey on the supply and demand of cheap labor in Guangdong Province in the second quarter of this year, in April, may and June this year, the total supply and demand of labor in Guangdong Province was 1.1595 million, of which 584500 were demanded by enterprises and 575000 were job-hunting labor. The ratio of supply and demand was 1:1.02. Supply and demand are balanced

according to the employment survey of 8 cities in Guangdong Province conducted by Guangdong Provincial Labor and Employment Service Center, some enterprises do have employment difficulties, among which automotive coating technicians appear in the scarce resources

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