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Short version fast color printing and Yingkou Guanhua gh524 four-color offset printing machine

I. The current development trend of China's short version color printing demand

at present, China's short version color fast printing has become the mainstream trend of China's printing industry development, and the short version color printing activity is growing rapidly. According to incomplete statistics, the proportion of short version color printing in the whole printing has increased from 10% to 25%, and it is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years. The main reasons for the rapid growth of short edition color printing are as follows: first, with the rapid growth of China's national economy, people no longer meet the basic needs of black-and-white vision for printed materials, and colorization promotes people's cultural exchanges to be more authentic. This method is vivid and colorful in practical operation, so the demand for color printing is growing rapidly. Second, the acceleration of the pace of life in the economic field and the variability of business information publicity have contributed to the small, personalized and diversified one-time circulation of color printing, and the rapid growth of short version color printing. Third, the printing equipment technology is progressing continuously. The automation of traditional color offset printing machines is becoming higher and higher. In addition, the highly specialized supporting facilities before, during and after printing make the process flow of color printing simple, convenient and fast. The demand for color printing is increasing. Fourth, the cost of color printing has dropped significantly in recent years. The starting fee for color printing has dropped to about 250 yuan (different market conditions in different regions), which is equivalent to the cost level of black-and-white printing in the past, making color printing more popular and causing the demand for color printing to grow

II. Current growth of demand for short version color printing in China

in recent years, although the number of manufacturers engaged in short version color printing in China is increasing, and the number of newly imported color printing equipment and domestic color printing equipment is increasing, compared with the overall growth of demand for color printing, the development of China's color printing plants still can not keep up with the development of demand for color printing, Almost all the short version fast multi-color offset printing machines for color printing are at full power, and the production is not stopped for 24 hours. As a result, some manufacturers without multi-color offset printing machines use simple monochrome Offset printing machines to complete chromatic printing. Even some large-scale color and packaging and decoration printing plants, which mainly focus on long version printing, are updating their equipment for short version color printing. This is the actual situation of short version color printing in China at present

III. countermeasures to be taken by small and medium-sized printing plants in the face of short version color printing

at present, the level and current situation of China's printing industry presents a pyramid structure. High end customers are at the top of the pyramid. They have a number of foreign high-end cutting-edge printing equipment. They are a minority of customer groups, with strong strength, good benefits and broad development prospects; Middle end customers are in the middle of the pyramid. They have domestic high-end printing equipment, have certain high-end printing ability, and are also a minority customer group. They have certain strength and have the foundation for survival and development; The low-end customers are in the lower part of the pyramid, accounting for more than 60% of the group. The equipment is relatively backward. They mainly print in black and white. The brutal market competition and printing price war have impacted the survival of printing because there is no big profit space. In the face of the rapid development of China's printing industry, the development of China's printing industry has shown such a trend, that is, the number of printing plants is decreasing, the scale of printing plants is expanding, and the active source is increasingly concentrated in large-scale and powerful printing enterprises. China's printing industry is facing a new integration. In order to survive and develop, small and medium-sized printing plants must rush out, go out of the existing mode, look for new profit space, arm themselves with new equipment as soon as possible, and expand their own strength. It is absolutely a new choice to install short version color printing equipment, so that they can quickly move towards the middle and top of the golden tower, otherwise they will be in danger of being eliminated. This is the countermeasures that small and medium-sized printing plants should take in the face of the current situation

IV. the most ideal equipment for short version color fast printing is a 52 format multi-color offset press. The most prominent features of short version color fast printing are short version and fast printing. The short edition generally requires 10000 copies of color prints, or hundreds of copies, or about thousands of copies. Most of these active sources are enterprise introductions and product samples of various enterprises and institutions, various publicity brochures in the commercial field, promotional leaflets of shopping malls and department stores, some color trademarks, various clothing hangtags, etc. it is not cost-effective to use large printing machines for long edition printing. Fast is required to work in a short time, ranging from a few hours to twoorthree days. The equipment must have high automation and high reliability and stability. In foreign countries, the short version color printing machine generally refers to the multi-color offset printing machine with four open formats but considering the following from the perspective of comprehensive cost in the whole life cycle. However, from the perspective of short board, speed and printing economic cost, the most ideal equipment should be the multi-color offset printing machine with 52 formats, which has the characteristics of low printing cost compared with 66 formats and 74 formats. At present, in the short version fast color printing market, 50% - 80% of the short edition color printing activities are 52 format. If these activities are printed by four-color machine, the cost of a set of four-color PS version is dozens of yuan higher than that of the 52 format multi-color machine PS version. The cost will be increased by hundreds of thousands if 20 color printing activities are carried out a day and 300 days a year. In addition, the price of the 52 format multi-color machine is lower than that of the four open format multi-color machine, and the investment payback period is also very short. Therefore, the most ideal equipment for short version color rapid printing should be a 52 format multi-color offset press

v. some domestic 52 format multi-color offset printing machines have been able to meet the needs of the domestic market.

foreign 52 series multi-color machines led by German Heidelberg company have enjoyed a rapid sales momentum in the Chinese market in recent years. Hundreds of foreign 52 series multi-color machines have been installed. Although the quality and performance of foreign 52 series multi-color machines are superior, compared with the previously selected materials and products, the prices are high, the maintenance and use costs are too high, and the investment recovery period is long, Many small and medium-sized printing houses are deterred. On the contrary, in recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the quality and performance of 52 series multi-color machines produced by several domestic manufacturers have approached the level of foreign multi-color machines, such as gh524 four-color offset press produced by Yingkou Guanhua. Guanhua gh524 four-color offset printing machine adopts high-quality raw materials, and some key parts are processed by foreign high-precision machining centers, which can fully ensure the quality of parts. Other standard parts and accessories are purchased internationally. For example, electrical components including touch screen, PLC programmable controller and frequency converter are all products of Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan. The pneumatic components are the products of Japanese SMC company. Some motors, bearings and standard parts also adopt foreign high-quality products. The above measures ensure the high quality and stability of Guanhua gh524 four-color offset press. In addition, Guanhua's perfect after-sales service and sufficient supply of low-cost spare parts can ensure the 24-hour operation of the equipment. Although there is a gap between domestic multi-color offset press and foreign multi-color offset press, it can fully meet the needs of the domestic market

VI. gh524 produced by Yingkou Guanhua is the leader of domestic 52 format four-color offset printing machine.

Yingkou Guanhua began to develop 52 format multi-color offset printing machine in 1997, and successively launched monochrome yk5200np, two-color gh522p and four-color gh524 offset printing machine. After entering the market, the reliable product quality and superior performance have been recognized by our customers. In particular, the four-color machine gh524 has the best quality and performance of the 52 series multi-color machines produced in China at present. Almost all of the more than a dozen installed multi-color machines are in 24-hour operation. These customers agree that the gh524 produced by Yingkou Guanhua is suitable for CNG, LPG, fire fighting, composite, breathing and other cylinders, seamless steel cylinders, fire extinguisher cylinders The fatigue strength test of steel or composite pressure vessels of accumulators is advanced and highly automated, representing the highest level of China's 52 format four-color offset press

many performance parameters of Guanhua gh524 exceed those of the same type of four-color offset press in China. In terms of performance parameters, Guanhua gh524 is equivalent to Heidelberg's fast bully pm524, higher than Heidelberg's gto524 and lower than Heidelberg's sm524. It is an international mid-range and upper level multi-color machine

Guanhua gh524 has a high performance price ratio. In the current popular short version fast color printing machine, it has the advantages of short investment payback period, high printing efficiency and less intermediate printing preparation time. According to Yingkou Guanhua's customers, gh524 can recover its investment in an average year (printing more than 20 sets of plates in two shifts a day, the net profit after deducting expenses is about 3000 yuan, and the net profit in a month is between 80000-100000 yuan); Gh524 is equipped with advanced functions such as automatic plate loading and remote control plate pulling. It has less intermediate printing preparation time and low paper consumption. It can print high-quality color prints at high speed in the shortest time, thus reflecting high printing efficiency

VII. Performance and characteristics of gh524 four-color offset press produced by Yingkou Guanhua:

1. Yingkou Guanhua gh524 four-color offset press is a unit mounted heavy-duty offset press, with a total weight of 9 tons and a wall thickness of 50mm. It is the heaviest and thickest 52 series multi-color press at home and abroad at present. In addition, every two color groups of Yingkou Guanhua gh524 four-color offset press form an integral base, which is made of high-strength cast iron. The weight of the two bases is up to 1.5 tons, ensuring the stability and durability of the equipment foundation

2. Yingkou Guanhua gh524 four-color offset press is the fastest multi-color offset press in China, with a maximum speed of 12000 pieces/hour, which is higher than other similar machines in China (the maximum speed of Huaguang hg524 is 8000 pieces/hour, and the maximum speed of Hamada wh524 is 10000 pieces/hour). The highest speed of the offset press is often one of the important indicators to measure the performance of the machine. The higher the speed of the machine, the higher the requirements for the manufacturing quality, accuracy and durability of its products. According to the survey of installed Guanhua customers, the daily normal startup speed of gh524 is about 9000-10000 PCS/h, which is 30-50% higher than that of other domestic machines of the same type. In addition, customers unanimously agree that the design of gh524 Feida is scientific and reasonable, with smooth paper feeding. In the process of high-speed printing, the performance is quite stable, and there is almost no phenomenon of poor paper feeding. It is one of the best Feida 52 format multi-color offset printing machines in the world. Gh524 of Guanhua has a wide paper feeding range and can print 0 4 range, that is to say, from 28g tissue paper to about 350g paper can be well adapted. The paper feeding height of Guanhua gh524 is 900mm and the paper discharging height is 420mm. The paper discharging part of gh524 adopts the paper receiving vacuum reducer and the up blowing and down flat paper suction device, which can especially ensure that the paper after printing is regular and tidy

3. Yingkou Guanhua gh524 four-color offset press is controlled by computer and adopts the automatic plate loading and unloading device controlled by pneumatic technology. It can complete the clamping of four PS plates within 3-5 minutes without bending and manual locking, which is very convenient for short version fast printing and greatly shortens the preparation time for intermediate plate changing. Compared with the same type without automatic version, the version change time is shortened by 70%. In addition, in order to facilitate the replacement of rubber blanket, gh524 adopts the quick rubber blanket structure, so the replacement of rubber blanket is very convenient and fast. Yingkou Guanhua gh524 four-color offset press adopts computer remote control plate drawing technology, which can automatically adjust the axial and circumferential position of the printing plate in the printing state. Axial adjustment amount + 1mm, circumferential adjustment amount + 0.5mm, and adjustment step length 0.01mm. Oblique

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