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Shishi, Fujian: the textile industry and emerging industries fly together

in the first three quarters of this year, the GDP of Shishi City, Fujian Province increased by 15%, much higher than the national average GDP growth rate of 9.4%, indicating that the Shishi economy made a good start in the first year of the 12th Five Year plan. Shishi's industrial economy contributes 76.4% to GDP, creating a new situation in which traditional industries and emerging industries fly together

among Shishi's traditional industries, the textile and clothing industry is the first pillar industry in the city. In the first three quarters of this year, the city's large-scale textile and clothing industry achieved an output value of 35.541 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 32.8%, more than double the city's GDP growth, which fully shows that the traditional textile and clothing industry in Shishi still has sufficient vitality and strong development momentum

Shishi's traditional textile and garment industry has gradually developed from the downstream garment industry of the industrial chain to the middle and upper reaches. According to the first economic census data of Shishi City, in 2004, the garment production of legal person single 4 and signal transmission principle bit in the city reached 276million pieces. After six or seven years, the annual garment production of the city is now several times. The development of the downstream garment industry has stimulated the development of the weaving industry, printing and dyeing industry in the upper and middle reaches of the industrial chain, the same material industry as the bag bonded with adhesive tape for spinning, and the chemical fiber raw material industry. By the end of the 11th Five Year Plan period, Shishi had become the largest production base of weaving and printing and dyeing in the province, and completed the production layout of the midstream textile industry supporting the downstream garment industry. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the large PTA Petrochemical Fiber Industry with an annual output of 600000 tons and a spinning industry of more than 100000 blooms in the upper reaches of Shishi textile industry will enter the full production period, with the advantages of a complete supporting textile industry chain, Mr. qianmingcheng, chief executive officer of langshanda China, who will promote Shishi tradition, said: "LANXESS pays close attention to the booming development of the Chinese market, such as the new energy automobile industry. The textile and clothing industry has entered a new development period.

Shishi has begun to highlight the effect of vigorously cultivating emerging industries. Emerging industries encouraged by the state have started in Shishi. Modern emerging industries such as led optoelectronics, solar photovoltaic, satellite navigation, IOT, etc. have had a agglomeration effect in Shishi, Haixi Economic Zone. Many fields of Shishi's emerging industries It has taken the lead in the whole country and the whole province. Shishi Feitong's marine satellite navigation and communication product technology is leading in the country, and holds the largest market share in the national civil marine satellite communication market. Not long ago, it also established a strategic partnership between China's Beidou satellite navigation technology and market with the 54th Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation, which will become the first private enterprise in China to enter the research and development of Beidou satellite navigation chips, OEM board design and production of advanced terminal products. Beidou satellite navigation industry has been listed as a strategic emerging industry under the key development of the national "12th Five Year Plan", and Shishi has occupied a dominant position in this industry

in the photovoltaic industry, the first megawatt photovoltaic photovoltaic power station in the province designed and installed by shishidingri optoelectronics was officially opened in March this year, filling the gap of photovoltaic photovoltaic power generation projects in Fujian Province. Shishi's photovoltaic photovoltaic power generation system with 2 MW installed capacity has been officially approved by the state, and will become the photovoltaic power station with the largest installed capacity in the province. It is difficult to identify the yield point. Shishi has entered the advanced ranks of the province's photovoltaic photovoltaic industry. Shishi xinnengda optoelectronics has a long-term cooperative relationship with international LED industry giants such as Nichia, Toshiba and Samsung in the R & D and application of high-power lighting LED chips; Taide optoelectronics cooperates with TSMC, the world's leading and largest professional integrated circuit manufacturing service company, in high-power LED chip epitaxy technology; Dahong Electronics' IOT "wireless Wi Fi network intelligent watt hour meter" technology project has received a subsidy of 800000 yuan from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of science and technology. Southeast Asian countries are very interested in it. At present, the two sides are negotiating industrial cooperation, and the technology project is expected to transform into real productivity in the near future... Shishi's emerging industry has the characteristics of the times, such as high starting point, intensive knowledge and technology, high scientific and technological content, and deep background of industrial internationalization, Shishi strategic emerging industry is expected to develop into a leading pillar industry in Shishi during the "12th Five Year Plan" period

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