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In July, a large number of orders were received against the trend. The shipbuilding industry in China seems to be in a dilemma. According to statistics, in July, China's orders for new ships soared, with a load of nearly 12million tons. 6. The impact knife adopts screw installation to fix tons, ranking first in the world. However, professionals believe that happiness brings worries, and they are worried that the raw materials for shipbuilding will rise sharply this year, while the appreciation of the RMB and other factors will erode the profits of the entire shipbuilding industry

China's shipbuilding industry is in a dilemma. According to statistics, the number of new ship orders undertaken by China soared in July, close to 12million deadweight tons, ranking first in the world. However, insiders are both happy and worried about the sharp rise in raw materials for shipbuilding this year and the erosion of the profits of the entire shipbuilding industry by factors such as the appreciation of the RMB. And the operation steps of the medium tension wheel torsion testing machine, the national shipbuilding enterprises counter the trend and receive a large number of orders, which may be "playing a swollen face and filling a fat man", thus bearing the burden of development

private ship enterprises took orders against the trend

under the background of the weakening of the global ship market and the sharp decline of ship orders in China's ship market in the first half of the year, many people were excited by the volume of new ship orders undertaken in July

according to statistics, the global turnover of new ships in July exceeded 20million deadweight tons, a single month high since this year. At the same time, Chinese shipbuilding enterprises account for about 60% of the global market share, with orders received reaching 11.911 million deadweight tons, once again ranking first in the world in terms of orders received by new ships in a single month. It should be pointed out that China's ship orders in July were much higher than South Korea's 5.904 million deadweight tons

"from the perspective of undertaking enterprises, private shipbuilding enterprises are the main force this year, especially in July." Said Bao Zhangjing, chief researcher of China Shipbuilding Industry Economic Research Center

in this regard, it is also noted that last month, Jiangsu Rongsheng heavy industry undertook 12 400000 ton giant ore transport vessels (VLOC) from vale, totaling $1.6 billion. At the same time, Jiujiang Yinxing shipbuilding company also received an order for 20 60000 DWT bulk carriers from Dalian Haichang shipping company, with a total cost of $900million

"these two orders alone have accounted for half of the national orders of the month. He revealed that the company would strengthen the research and development of new material products." Bao Zhang Jing told Shanghai Securities News that from the situation in the first half of the year, private shipping enterprises also accounted for nearly 50% of orders

"as the orders of central enterprises are saturated, private ship enterprises have gained more opportunities." Gaoxiaochun, a senior analyst in the machinery industry of CSCI, said that according to the statistics of the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, in the first half of the year, local shipbuilding enterprises other than central enterprises (including the two major shipbuilding groups, COSCO Group, China Shipping Group and Changhang group) undertook 48% of the country's total new ship orders

the profits from large orders are uncertain

however, a large number of orders may not be a good thing for the current Chinese shipbuilding enterprises

"orders undertaken by Korean shipbuilding enterprises in July were significantly lower than that in June, and most orders were concentrated in old shipbuilding enterprises, and the orders received by previously active emerging shipbuilding enterprises were rare." An insider bluntly said that the won appreciated by 3.35% against the US dollar in July, making a subtle change in the order receiving psychology of South Korean shipbuilding enterprises

in this regard, Bao Zhangjing expressed the same concern to the Shanghai Securities News, "this year, the sharp rise in the price of raw materials such as marine steel and the appreciation of the people are eroding the profits of ship enterprises. In this case, whether large orders can make profits is indeed worrying."

it should be noted that China's private shipping enterprises have no advantage in the price of receiving orders. It is understood that the order price of ships in China is generally about 15% lower than that of South Korea and Japan, while the quotation of private ship enterprises may be lower

an insider pointed out that taking the orders of Rongsheng heavy industry and vale as an example, the statistical data of Norwegian Felix in May showed that the unit price of each ship was 142million US dollars, while the unit price quoted in July fell to 133million US dollars. China's private shipping enterprises rely on low prices to counter the trend and receive a large number of orders, which may be "playing a swollen face and filling a fat man", and the burden of development on their backs is unknown

in this regard, it is noted that the Japanese shipbuilding company (Mitsui shipbuilding) has recently issued a profit warning, saying that due to the rise in raw material prices, the company's profits are likely to fall this year

however, Gao Xiaochun is optimistic about the future development of the above-mentioned shipbuilding enterprises with the increase of experimental power. "The profitability of Japanese shipbuilding enterprises was originally worse than that of South Korea, and even worse than that of China. The above situation does not explain the problem. Moreover, at present, the domestic ship plate price has shown signs of falling, and will its price be so high a year later?"

in addition, he believes that the huge capacity expansion of domestic steel enterprises will pave the way for the future decline of ship plate prices. At the same time, as the new ship price of ship enterprises is still high, if the price of raw materials falls, the profit space of ship enterprises will undoubtedly be more guaranteed

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