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Judo's new OEM pressure transmitter Midas C08 is localized

close to customer needs and reduce customer investment. Judo launched a pressure transmitter specifically for OEM customers - Midas C08 is localized. The introduction of this product, which further produces high dynamic stress, mainly meets the requirements of customers for economy, safety and diversity

Jiumao China introduced Midas C08 pressure transmitter production equipment in September this year. The complete set of equipment is imported from Germany, which can ensure that the product quality has the high quality and high performance made in Germany. At the same time, highly automated equipment has greatly shortened the production cycle, and the delivery cycle can reach about weeks at the fastest. Midas C08, which realizes localization, also has great advantages over other pressure transmitters in terms of price

midas C08 adopts ceramic diaphragm, and the accuracy reaches 0.35%, which is much higher than 0.5% of other products. The product has a variety of choices in measurement range, electrical connection, process connection, etc. This product is suitable for Gauge pressure measurement in the range of 6bar to bar. It can be used in gas, liquid and other media. The product has quickon connection, M12 round connector, card lock connection and other electrical connection modes to choose from. Among them, the new quickon wiring method is simple and convenient, which can save customers more installation time and cost. The process connection also has g1/4, which will produce stress cracking due to glacial acetic acid, vegetable oil and other corrosion, and 1/npt and other options. The temperature compensation range is expanded by 50%, and the seismic performance is 2.5 times better than the industrial standard. To ensure its long-term stable application in the equipment

the product also has great security. All products have been strictly tested and have the function of loop self-test, which can protect against short circuit and wrong wire connection. Long term stability 0.1%

this product can be mainly used in other industries such as compressor, machinery manufacturing, vehicle mounted system, building construction and so on

at present, the Midas C08 production equipment has been fully debugged, which can realize order production and supply. For more information, please call us: or check the landing station

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