The hottest Mid Autumn Festival in 2001 Shijiazhua

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The 2001 Mid Autumn Festival Shijiazhuang moon cake festival market has three characteristics

there is more than a month before the Mid Autumn Festival, but the provincial capital moon cake war early "smoke everywhere", and major supermarkets and shopping malls have already put moon cakes on the counter. Compared with previous years, this year's moon cakes show three characteristics:

a new taste

different from previous years' moon cakes, this year's moon cakes break through the traditional flavors of bean paste, jujube paste, five kernels and so on. Ice skin moon cakes, Royal abalone moon cakes, tea moon cakes, licorice moon cakes, and crisp moon cakes are shining on the market, stimulating consumers' new purchase desire. These new flavor mooncakes mostly draw lessons from the production methods of Western cakes to make them more in line with the tastes of modern people

Er Liang packaging

the saying "people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles" seems to be very suitable for the packaging of moon cakes. Ordinary moon cakes with exquisite packaging immediately become full of charm. This year's popular packaging is mostly based on yellow, purple and red, breaking through the previous luxurious aristocracy and replacing it with warm and warm. The following information is for you to know in detail and have deep family affection. "Rhyme of the East", "language of stars", "fate in bright autumn" and "love of heaven and earth", just listening to these names makes you surge into attachment to home. "A grain of cake, a pot of tea, the breeze and the moon, evoke wisps of homesickness"

trivalent level

compared with the "price war" in previous years, this year's commercial Salt + thermosetting material prepolymer =3d "composite printing ink" family seems to be much smarter. The luxury of "golden moon cakes" has gradually faded, and the price of boxed moon cakes is mostly set between yuan, which is acceptable to most consumers

Chinese people, Chinese love, round moon cakes, condense the long-standing Chinese culture, but also give businesses unlimited business opportunities

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