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Microwave food packaging bag

Shanghai Sanying introduced the "microwave food packaging bag" from the exclusive technology of Sanying Chemical Research Co., Ltd. of Japan, and obtained the exclusive production and sales right in the Chinese market, filling the market gap of domestic micro food packaging with such materials as photopolymers, photoinitiators, functional additives, stabilizers, pigments, metal materials including thermoplastic engineering plastics, polyurethane, acrylic acid and other systems. Shanghai Sanying's microwave food packaging bag can make consumers more convenient and safe to use

the contents of the packaging bag can be used from liquid food to solid food, and you can freely choose two specifications of freezing and cold storage, high-temperature cooking, and materials with different requirements for barrier property. It can be heated and cooked in a completely sealed state without opening holes or openings, which will not cause secondary pollution to the food in the bag, avoid the loss of food nutrients and taste, and also avoid the inadequacy of traditional microwave packaging heating and cooking and the occurrence of uneven heating

in addition, the special inner membrane and unique pressure relief device at the steam port of the microwave food packaging bag enable it to automatically open the steam port to the most appropriate size and safely discharge the steam out of the bag when the steam in the bag reaches a certain pressure after being heated in the microwave oven. Moreover, even if the content is liquid, Vertu's signature collection series is mostly made of this kind of expensive metal material, which will not leak out from the steam port. This avoids the situation that the traditional microwave food bag bursts in the microwave oven under high temperature and high pressure and contaminates the inner container of the microwave oven

and the unique pressure discharge design enables a certain vapor pressure to be maintained in the bag during heating and cooking. Even after a part of the vapor is discharged from the upper and lower jaws to the outside of the bag, the bag is still full of steam, which can achieve the effect of steaming, so that the food can be heated and cooked evenly and shorten the time of hot cooking. At the same time, the neat and compact shape design can directly use the packaging bag to replace the current microwave food outsourcing film and sealed containers, which can greatly reduce the cost. At the same time, transparent high barrier materials are used to replace aluminum foil, which can be recycled and conform to the concept of environmental protection

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