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Microwave extractor is widely used and has a promising industry prospect.

microwave extractor is an instrument and equipment composed of ultrasonic generation system, heating system, compressor refrigeration system, temperature measurement and control unit and mixing device. With the rise of green chemistry, microwave technology is more and more widely used in green chemistry, and it is increasingly favored by people that these three channels all adopt independent 24 bit a/d converters for high-precision data sampling. The industry prospect is optimistic by industry insiders

microwave extraction, also known as microwave-assisted extraction, refers to the technology and method of extracting various chemical components from plants, minerals, animal tissues, etc. in a microwave reactor with appropriate solvents. Microwave refers to the electromagnetic wave with the frequency of 300 MHz to 300 GHz. By using the effect of electromagnetic field, some organic components in solid or semi-solid substances can be effectively separated from the matrix, and the original compound state of the analysis object can be maintained

the basic principle of microwave extractor is that microwave can act directly with the separated substance, that is, microwave can act directly in the sample matrix. When it acts on the molecule, it promotes the rotation of the molecule. If the molecule has a certain polarity at this time, the instantaneous pole can also be manually changed under the action of microwave; Chemical. In the extraction process, it has the characteristics of short time, good selectivity, high recovery, less reagent consumption, low pollution, water as extractant, and automatic control of sample preparation conditions. At present, microwave extraction technology can be widely used in environmental monitoring, food safety and health testing, Chinese herbal medicine extraction and other fields

in the field of environmental monitoring, with the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of human economic level, the environmental field is under great pressure. The irrational use of industrial wastewater, waste residue and agricultural chemicals, which are still the first choice of customers, has brought great harm to the living environment of mankind. Now, the world has taken action to vigorously rectify the current situation of environmental pollution, and the corresponding detection technology has been widely used in the field of environmental monitoring. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are one of the 12 priority organic pollutants. Their physical and chemical properties are relatively stable, and they are not easy to decompose in the process of use. Microwave extraction of PCBs from soil has the characteristics of simple and safe operation, uniform heating, short extraction time, high recovery rate, and is an indispensable detection technology in the field of environmental monitoring

in the field of food hygiene and safety, microwave extraction has the characteristics of high efficiency and time saving compared with traditional extraction methods. Microwave extraction technology can be used to determine residues, nutrients, additives and so on in fruits and vegetables. In addition, in the extraction of natural drugs, microwave extraction technology can also be used for the extraction of complex Traditional Chinese medicine components

at present, the literature on microwave extraction is mostly application and experimental research, while the development of microwave extraction equipment is relatively small. With the wide application and industrialization of microwave extraction, the development of microwave extraction equipment will become the focus of future research

first of all, in the research on microwave extraction, domestic microwave ovens, microwave static extractors dedicated to laboratories or self modified microwave continuous extraction devices are often used as experimental equipment. The static extraction with extraction tanks as containers has the disadvantages of complex post-processing and difficult separation, while continuous extraction devices are easy to separate and purify, but most of them cannot be extracted under pressure. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop extraction equipment that combines the advantages of different extraction methods

secondly, the safety of microwave extraction equipment has always been concerned. Its safety is related to the better use of temperature and pressure control system and hazard monitoring in the plastic recycling particle industry. The safety performance of microwave extractor can be improved by developing high-tech and accurate control and monitoring system. Mas-i atmospheric pressure microwave-assisted synthesis/extraction reactor developed by Shanghai Xinyi Microwave Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. can observe the reaction changes in the reaction vessel in real time through the color liquid crystal display, and grasp the reaction situation in time. At the same time, we should also consider the control of hazards, which requires research in automatic pressure relief and explosion prevention

finally, the materials for manufacturing microwave extraction equipment should have the characteristics of radiation protection, pressure resistance and corrosion prevention, and the extraction container should have high strength and high heat resistance in addition to the above characteristics. Therefore, the development of new materials is also conducive to improve the safety of microwave extraction, and will become a new focus in the research of microwave extraction

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